The Prince of Asturias Trophy raises the curtain marked by the whims of the wind

· The thirty-third edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy raised the curtain this Friday in Baiona on a stage in which the wind wanted to be the protagonist, leaving the regatta of the big boats blank and complicating the navigation of the monotypes

· In the Solventis J80 class, Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen took the lead and in the ¡HOLA! Ladies Cup the victory of the day went to the girls of HELLO! Fashion of the Real Club Marítimo de Santander led by Magdalena Czernik

· The trophy organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates and the Naval Military School continues tomorrow, Saturday with the second day of competition and the entire fleet is already in the water to compete in several tests in the Rías Baixas

· The village installed in the Baiona yacht club will host tomorrow night the celebration of the gala of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards in which outstanding personalities of the Spanish nautical scene will be awarded

The thirty-third edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club and the Naval Military School raised the curtain this Friday in the Rías Baixas marked by the vagaries of the wind. Eolo wanted to be the protagonist of the opening day and left the large sailboats blank, which could not compete in any test.

The regatta committee had designed for them a coastal one starting from the interior of the Bay of Baiona, routed to Subrido and back, but the wind, very shifty and with hardly any intensity, played a trick on them and did not give them the opportunity to put your plans in motion. They moved towards the outside in search of more favorable conditions but instability continued to be the trend and finally it was decided to suspend the regatta.

Luckier were the J80s of the Solventis class and the Figaros of the HELLO! Ladies Cup that, in a regatta field located inside the bay of Baiona, two tests could be played with an average wind of about 7 knots. A third was attempted, but could not be completed.
On this first day of the 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy, some of the favorites were taking up positions and occupying the highest positions on a provisional podium that still has two more days to go.

The OKOFEN tops the SOLVENTIS J80 class

In the Solventis J80 class, one of the favorites to win the title of the 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy, Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen, opened this first stage making his intentions very clear. With Diego Fernández, Hugo Ferreiro and Javier de la Gándara Jr. on board, the legendary skipper finished first and third today, which allowed him to take the lead in the standings. “The day was very complicated, with little wind and the fleet very tight, but there is still a lot of competition ahead and we hope that tomorrow and after the thermal wind will allow us to sail better,” said Diego Fernández upon returning to land. Another boat from the Monte Real Club de Yates, the Marías – Casas do Telhado de Manuel María, was weighed down by fifth position in the first race, and crossing the finish line with a course and signing first in the last, had to settle for second Market Stall. The third place on the provisional podium is occupied by Moura de Miguel Fernández, from the Real Club Náutico de A Coruña.

The HELLO! Fashion commands the HELLO! LADIES CUP

In the HELLO! Ladies Cup, the victory of the day went to ¡HOLA! Fashion, led by the Polish patron based in Santander, Magdalena Czernik. With a first place and a second in the two events held inside the bay of Baiona, the girls from the Real Club Marítimo de Santander were placed at the head of the women’s competition of the 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy. The Portuguese HOLA.COM team, led by Marta Ramada and defending the title won in 2017, started somewhat weakly in the first test, finishing fourth, but in the second barlo-sota of the day they managed to cross the line first. arrivals and placed in the second drawer of the provisional podium. The third place in the classification is occupied by the crew of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra – Real Sporting Club, skippered by Lourdes Bilbao aboard the HOLA! USES.

Reunions in the village and a seafood dinner to end the day

After the dispute on the water, the crews of the 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy were able to enjoy the good atmosphere that always characterizes the village set up in the Monte Real Yacht Club, where owners, skippers and sailors shared a seafood dinner and exchanged opinions on the regattas . Background music, the projection of the best images of the day and gin and tonics courtesy of the sponsors put an end to the day.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the entire fleet into the water and the great party of the National Awards

The 33rd Prince of Asturias Trophy continues tomorrow in Baiona with the second of the three days of tests that will decide the winners’ podiums of the different classes. After the initial day in which the largest sailboats and one-design boats participated, this Saturday they will also be joined by boats from the Volvo Autesa ORC 4, Storax Clásicos and Comunica Open classes. While the former will hear the starting honk for their poles at 12:00, the rest will not take the start of their scheduled coastal tour until half an hour later. At night the show will move to the mainland with the gala of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards, in which the most outstanding athletes of the year will be awarded. It will start at eight in the evening and, at the end, there will be a big party that will include dinner, music and fireworks.


Monte Real Yacht Club Friday, August 31, 2018





* The classes MARTIN MILLER ORC 0-1, ACEITES ABRIL ORC 2, GADIS ORC 3, VOLVO AUTESA ORC 4, COMUNICA OPEN and STORAX CLASSICS will open the Prince of Asturias Trophy tomorrow Saturday with the first tests starting at 12:00 *






An all-female crew from the Spanish Navy will compete in the ¡HOLA! Ladies Cup

· It is the first time in the history of the Prince of Asturias Trophy that a 100% female crew from the Spanish Navy aspires to win the title

· The teacher of the Military Naval School of Marín and windsurfing world champion Lara Lagoa will lead the team

· The reigning champion of the Ladies Cup Marta Ramada will try to repeat her victory hand in hand with the runner-up in the world of Snipe Mafalda Pires de Lima

· In addition to the HELLO! Ladies Cup tomorrow, Friday, the first tests of the Trofeo Principe de Asturias will also be inaugurated by the ORCs 0-1-2-3 and the J80 monotypes


An entirely female crew from the Spanish Navy will participate this year, for the first time in the history of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, in the ¡HOLA! Ladies Cup, which will be held from tomorrow, Friday, until Sunday in Baiona.

The crew will sail aboard the HELLO! Serralleiras, one of the six identical boats that the Monte Real Club de Yates, organizer of the trophy, gives to the six participating crews, arriving from different parts of Spain and Portugal to compete in one of the most important women’s nautical competitions on the peninsular stage.

“At the Monte Real Club de Yates –says the vice-commodore of the club Genoveva Pereiro- we have spent years promoting the participation of sailors in our competitions, both in exclusively female events, such as this HELLO! Ladies Cup, as in the rest of the regattas and also through our Sailing School. The prominence that women have been acquiring in the world of sailing over the last few years is indisputable, but there is still a lot to do and we are working on it”.

The Navy team will be led by the professor at the Naval Military School of Marín and world champion in windsurfing, Lara Lagoa; who will be accompanied by Carmen Náraza, Ida Blanco, Sheila Pachón, Andrea Marín, María Teresa Ivorra and Rocío García.

The current champions of the HELLO! Ladies Cup, the Portuguese from the BB Douro We Do Sailing, with the Portuguese vice-champion of 420 Marta Ramada in front, will go out on the water with the aim of repeating victory. On this occasion, Ramada will lead HOLA.COM and will be supported in the maneuvers by the runner-up in the Snipe world, Mafalda Pires de Lima; the Portuguese champions of Laser and 420, Carolina Joao and Joana Azevedo; Ana Catarino and Gabriela Pereira.

From the Madrilenian Sailing Federation (FEMAVE) two crews arrive in Baiona ready to snatch the title from the Portuguese. Aboard the HELLO! Ladeira and with Laura Gil at the helm, Yolanda Mirón, Marta Larrauri, Marta Villena, Teresa Petit and Paloma Borras will sail. And in the HELLO! Anna Solé, Patricia Gutiérrez, Ines Zurita, Marina González and Gemma Caballero will haggle, directed by the Swiss-Galician patron Teresa Martínez.

The Basque team of the Club Marítimo del Abra – Real Sporting Club will undoubtedly be the youngest in the competition, since the crew members who will sail aboard the HOLA USA are 17 years old on average. They are Joana Abásolo, Carmen Arbaiza, Natalia Carreira, Silvia Marce and Mónica Mendoza. At the head of the team is Lourdes Bilbao, a great connoisseur of the Ladies Cup, in which she has already participated 10 times.

The last of the six crews that will compete in the HELLO! Ladies Cup is made up of sailors arriving from different parts of Spain. At the controls of HOLA FASHION will be the Pole based in Santander Magdalena Czernik, a regular competitor in the J80 class. The crew is completed by Ana Sardiña, one of the best Galician sailors today, with several Galician and Spanish championships to her credit; Marine Lescan, runner-up in the Basque Country for Snipe; Edurne Tamayo and Alejandra de Marichalar, from the Real Club Marítimo de Canido.

The tests of the HELLO! The Ladies Cup begins tomorrow, Friday, at half past three in the afternoon inside the Bay of Baiona, where the regatta committee will prepare a field for them and for the Solventis J80 class fleet, which will also inaugurate the Prince Trophy tomorrow, Friday of Asturias. In both cases, and as long as the wind is favourable, the monotypes will take part in several windward-leeward routes.

Half an hour before, the biggest boats, of the Martin Miller ORC 0-1, Aceites Abril ORC 2 and Gadis ORC 3 classes, will hear the starting horn. For them, the competition proposal is a coastal one with a route that the committee will decide on that same day based on the weather conditions, which at this time announce winds from the northwest with an average of 10 knots.

Once the competition in the water is over, the crews will be able to enjoy the village of the 33rd Trofeo Principe de Asturias on land, where a seafood dinner will be served for the participants and there will be beer and gin and tonic tastings.