We all tend to consider our birthplace as unparalleled in beauty. And there are many magnificent and impressive places all over the world, probably more widely known and praised than this.

But it all depends on what one is looking for. Keeping this in mind, we would like toshow you this village, located right at the coastline, a feature that has made it famous. It is also placed in a calm rural area, in the midst of Galicia, land of legends and myth.. Spend some time getting to know it and then decide if it is worth it. You may later find you don’t want to leave!

To hike in Monte Boi may be the best way to take in and appreciate the maritime boundaries of Baiona and the surroundings of the Monte Real Yacht Club. This 2 kilometre-long route takes the visitor around the fortress, starting from the beach of A Cuncheira and, through a secret passage, ending right under the fortress’ Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower), next to the Puerta Real (Royal Gate).

It was opened on January 20, 1995. It is an unpaved path, with a series of sections demarcated by stone and granite terraces, two of the main materials used as ornamentation along the promenade. Once the walker starts the route, he/she can admire the beaches of Cuncheira, Os Frades and Barbeira, Estelas and Cíes Islands, Monteferro, Panxón and Praia America. Along the route there are innumerable dispersed and calm small bays, some of them only accessible by means of stone staircases, and two vaulted niches carved on the walls: Nuestra Señora de las Angustias (after Os Frades) and San Telmo, after passing Torre del Príncipe (Prince’s Tower).

The quiet path rubs against the calm or rough sea, depending on the season, and winds through the rolling hills of oaks, willows, ashes and, mostly, pines. There are three different rest areas, well taken care of, where to stop and relax. One of them is idyllic (the one in A Figueira).