The Terras Gauda awards protagonists in the equator of the Prince of Asturias Trophy

The Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards were the protagonists of the second day of the XXVII Prince of Asturias Trophy, together with extraordinary weather that is facilitating the development of the sailing competition on the water, with a component where the north continues to be its origin, and the average intensity registers 15 knots.

Punctuality was rigorous, with all the boats sailing in the vicinity of Barra beach, where the windward side was located. Up to three tests were validated on this second day by the Regatta Committee, with a linear distance of seven miles per sleeve.

The leaders do not fail, and despite the pressure from the rest of the regatta teams, they continue to lead the main lists. In this way the Fifty, owned by Rui Ramada, from the MRCYB, continues to lead the TVG Trophy with 8 points and the Atlantic Cruise Circuit. After the Portuguese boat Cenor&Electrolux, owned by Martín Bermúdez, from RCR Galicia, with 15 points. And third is Xekmatt, owned by José Carlos Prista, from the Lisbon Naval Association, with 18 points.

In the Terras Gauda Trophy of ORC 1, it is Solventis that heads the list, led by Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, from MRCY Bayona, with 5 points. Second is Ozoaqua Cosmética, by Juan Carlos Pérez, from CN Combarro, with 14 points, moving up one place from the first day, to the detriment of Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali PT, by Javier Santander, from CN Punta Lagoa, with 18 points, which is now third.

The ORC 2 Swiss Jewelry Trophy is led by Pedro Campos with Movistar, from RCN Sanxenxo, with 7 points. They are followed by Okofen, by Javier de la Gándara, from MRCY Bayona, with 12 points. And third is now Cachete, by Francisco Edreira, also from CN Sada, with 17 points.

The ORC 3 Solventis Trophy continues to feature Luna Nueva, by Juan Luís Tuero, from MRCY Bayona, with 6 points. The Punta Lagoa School, by Alberto Iglesias, of the CN Punta Lagoa, is second, with 10 points. And third place is occupied by Namaste, by Luís de Mira from the MRYCB, with 17 points.

The Helga Rivera Ladies Cup is defended for the second consecutive day by the women from Madrid, directed by Amparo Molla, with 5 points. After the girls from the Madrid Federation, the locals of María Campos, from the MRCYB, continue to position themselves with 7 points. And third are Conchi de Pedro from Castellón, from CR Burriana, with 16 points.

Today the Classics and Vintages went out to sea in the Rías Baixas Tourism Trophy, tracing a coastal route that was won by Pingüino, from Ñaco Eraso, from CM Canido. It was followed by the Belisa, owned by José Manuel Cores, from AGABACE, and third was the Calua, owned by Juan Pablo Cividanes, also owned by Marítimo de Canido.

In the Specials, which also opened the scoring, they celebrated the first day of the Galician Sports Trophy, with Vicente Cid’s Deep Blue, from RCN Vigo, the winner. It was followed by the Travesío, by César Martínez, of the LC Vilagarcía, being third the Firme, by Armando Rubio, of the Spanish Navy.

Finally, the giants of the sea also made their appearance, with another coastal route in the Maxi Open Hofmann Trophy. The Plis Play, owned by Vicente García, of the RCR Alicante, is at the head of this fleet, with the Hansa, owned by Julián Ojea, of the RCN La Coruña, second, and with the Gran Jotiti, owned by Ernesto Cortina, of the MRC Bayona, of third.

The second sailing day of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, sponsored by Turismo de Galicia, Turismo Rías Baixas and Bodegas Terras Gauda, and the collaboration of Helga Rivera, Hofmann, Verti, Tamqueray, Coca Cola, Solventis and TVG, among many others , which ends tomorrow, had as its final climax the delivery of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards, presided over by Rafael Olmedo Limeses, president of Monte Real, and José María Fonseca, president of Bodegas Terras Gauda.

The winners in the 2012 edition have been:

  • Project of the Year: Pakea Bizkaia
  • Sailor of the Year: Támara Echegoyen
  • ORC 0-1 Boat of the Year: Cenor
  • ORC 2-3 Boat of the Year: Codaste
  • Best Regatta Team: Plis Play
  • Institution with the greatest support for the sport of sailing: Turismo Rías Baixas

Mariano Aguado of Communication: Panorama Productions