The north wind attends the inauguration of the XXVIII Prince of Asturias Trophy

The north wind makes the premiere of the XXVIII Prince of Asturias Trophy a brilliant first day at sea, with the 15 knots contributed by the weather component, which enhanced a splendid day.

Punctually, the Regatta Committee gave the first honk of the day to the first race, a stick in the wind, windward-leeward type, mounted on a regatta area whose exit was close to Monteferro, and with a wide margin in the mouth south of the Ría de Vigo. The total linear distance of the course was 7 miles, with number 1 as the layout chosen by the Committee itself, based on those published in the regatta instructions as the most suitable for the sea and wind conditions.

The Fifty, owned by the Portuguese skipper and shipowner Rui Ramada, and with the tactics on board Gonzalo Araujo from Vigo, won the first test of its class in the ORC 0 TVG Trophy. In the Terras Gauda Trophy of the ORC 1, it was Solventis, by Malalo Bermúdez de Castro from A Coruña. In the Swiss Jewelry Trophy of ORC 2 it was the Movistar, owned by Pedro Campos. In the ORC 3 Solventis Trophy the sleeve was the Asturian Juan Luís Tuero, with his New Moon. And in the Helga Rivera Ladies Cup, the girls from the Madrilenian Sailing Federation prevailed, skippered by Amparo Molla.

Little more than an hour and a half later, the start of the second round, of the two scheduled, with identical results, except for ORC 3, in which Alberto Iglesias’ Escuela Punta Lagoa won.

As leaders of the start of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, Fifty, owned by Rui Ramada, of the MRCYB, with 2 points, is positioned on the podium of each Division, leader of the TVG Trophy and the Atlantic Cruise Circuit. It is followed by Cenor&Electrolux, by Martín Bermúdez, from RCR Galicia, with 4 points. And third was Xekmatt, owned by José Carlos Prista, from the Lisbon Naval Association, with 6 points.

In the Terras Gauda Trophy of ORC 1, Solventis, led by Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, from MRCY Bayona, rules with 2 points. Second are Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali PT, owned by Javier Santander, from CN Punta Lagoa, with 4 points. And third was Ozoaqua Cosmética, by Juan Carlos Pérez, from CN Combarro, with 6 points.

The ORC 2 Swiss Jewelry Trophy is led by Pedro Campos with Movistar, from RCN Sanxenxo, with 2 points. It is followed by Okofen, by Javier de la Gándara, from MRCY Bayona, with 6 points. And third is Codaste, owned by Nacho Campos, also from the Yacht Club, with 7 points.

The ORC 3 Solventis Trophy is led by Luna Nueva, by Juan Luís Tuero, from MRCY Bayona, with 3 points. The Punta Lagoa School, by Alberto Iglesias, of the CN Punta Lagoa, is second with 4 points. And third was Namaste, by Luís de Mira from the MRYCB, with 8 points.

The Helga Rivera Ladies Cup is commanded by Amparo Molla, from the Madrid Sailing Federation, with 2 points. After those from Madrid are located the premises directed by María Campos, from the MRCYB, with 4 points. And third are Conchi de Pedro from Castellón, from CR Burriana, with 8 points.

Tomorrow the Top is scheduled at 11:55 a.m. for the ORC and Helga Rivera Ladies Cup, being the same for the Maxi Open that enter the scene, as well as the ORC Special and Classics and Época, which start in the water at 12:25 p.m. .

Success on this first day for the favourites, who did not fail, in their project of defending the Xunta de Galicia President Trophy to which they aspire, as it is the Prince of Asturias Trophy scoring regatta. Solventis and Movistar waiting for the second day in Baiona.

Tomorrow the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards will be presented, within the framework of the halfway point of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, a gala that will begin at eight in the afternoon.

The XXVIII Prince of Asturias Trophy is being held with the sponsorship of Turismo de Galicia, Turismo Rías Baixas and Bodegas Terras Gauda, and the collaboration of Helga Rivera, Hofmann, Verti, Tamqueray, Coca Cola, Solventis and TVG, among many others.