The Martín Códax Trophy Committee meets to analyze the route

Wednesday, June 5, 2013.- The president of the Galician Sailing Federation, Manuel Villaverde, held a meeting with the Vice Commodore of the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne, Alejandro Retolaza, and the director of the Martín Códax Trophy Committee, Fernando Giraldo, to analyze the route that the regatta will draw in this new edition of 2013.

The event, part of the Rafael Olmedo President Cup, and which for the second consecutive year is once again the Galician Solitaire and Two-Handed Championship, will mark a 60-mile route in its entirety with a composition that will take the sailboats from the Bay of Baiona to the Ría de Arousa. Unlike last year, the Bondaña maritime signaling buoy, located in front of Toralla Island, will not be taken, and navigation will be along the Costa de la Vela.

The starting horn, if the weather conditions are suitable, will be given this Saturday, June 8 at 11:00 in the morning, jointly for the two categories and in the fleet format, that is, without distinction of groups.

After leaving the Carallones and La Negra buoys to starboard, the sailboats will enter the Costa de la Vela, with the Cíes Islands to port, also taking the Picamillo Lighthouse to port, after passing the entrance to the Ría de Pontevedra. The tack inside the Arousana estuary will take place at the metal buoy of El Ter, which will be left to port, to start the way back to Baiona. The Committee establishes a passage control at this point in El Ter, taking intermediate times that will already offer a first partial result of the regatta.

On their return, the sailboats will leave the Camouco Lighthouse on the port side, with Ons Island sighted on the starboard side. Sailing will once again be inland, establishing the arrival in the area of Viños, close to the Island of San Martiño, the south of the Cíes.

In the event that the weather conditions do not suit the established length of the route, the Martín Códax Trophy Committee will announce the possible alternatives at the start, which will be presented next Friday to all participants at the official reception that the Bayonne Yacht Club offers, at eight in the evening, in the Noble Hall of Monte Real.

The Martín Códax Trophy is organized in collaboration with Turismo Rías Baixas and Turismo de Galicia, and is scored for the Autonomous and Iberian circuits of Solitaires and A Dos.

The regatta can be followed live through the Monte Real website ( ) thanks to the tracking systems installed for safety reasons on each sailboat.