The Yacht Club organizes for the second consecutive year the Martín Códax Trophy for Solitaires and A Dos

Wednesday, May 29, 2013.- The Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona organizes, for the second consecutive year, in collaboration with Turismo Rías Baixas and Turismo de Galicia, the Martín Códax Trophy for Solitaires and A dos, which in 2013 will once again be the Galician Championship for both classes, being, also, scoring in the Autonomous Circuit of the two modalities and for the Iberian Circuit of Solitaires and A Dos, the latter novelty in the Monte Real sports program.

On June 8 and 9, the Galician fleet of the specialty will cast off moorings from the pontoons of the Yacht Club, to trace a coastal route of 60 nautical miles that will take them from the Bay of Baiona to the interior of the Ría de Arousa, navigating its round trip route through the interior of the Costa de la Vela, being used as a natural maritime security channel, and where the organization can establish better monitoring and surveillance control, thanks to the tracking systems installed on each sailboat, and which will position their GPS point on the Yacht Club’s own website ( ), from which the evolution of the regatta can be followed openly.

The Martín Códax Trophy is part of the Rafael Olmedo President Cup, this year marking the XXII edition of the regatta in the specialty, once again granting the Galician Sailing Federation the designation of the Galician Championship.

It will be an active sports weekend for Monte Real, with the arrival of the Portugal Sailing Rally, and the arrival of the participating sailboats in the II edition of the II Corvette Captain Jaime Janer Trophy for Classic and Vintage Boats, estimating a total volume of 60 boats with a figure close to three hundred sailors that those days will disembark in the capital of Val Miñor.

The Martín Códax Trophy for Solitaires and A Dos is one of the most prestigious sailing events in the community, a long-distance regatta in which the handicap is handling the rigging of a sailboat alone or with another crew member, which is complicated in difficult wind and sea conditions.

A personal challenge to overcome, it has a wide participation of sailors, joining representatives from other autonomous communities.

The Castrosua, owned by Willy Alonso, of the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayonne, was the absolute winner last year, and was also the winner of Group 1 of the A twos with Alberto Viejo as crew member. Chispetrén, from Jesús Iglesias, with Pancho González, from the Caramiñal Yacht Club, won Group 2. And Magic Line, owned by Alfonso Trastoy, from the Real Club de Mar de Aguete, won the Martín Códax in Solitaires.