Sailors from all over Galicia are trained in safety issues at the Monte Real Yacht Club

· Repsol organizes two days of training in safety issues in marinas for workers from different Galician marinas at the Baiona yacht club

· In addition to theoretical classes, attendees participated in several practical sessions on fire fighting and fuel spill containment

· The objective of the training sessions is to provide Galician seafarers with the necessary knowledge to act correctly in the event of an accident

These days the Monte Real Yacht Club is hosting training sessions on safety in marinas organized by Repsol, in which workers from different marinas in Galicia take part.

The attendees are a group of 41 sailors from the Royal Nautical Club of Portosín, the San Vicente do Mar Marina, the Marina Punta Lagoa, the Royal Nautical Club of Vigo, the Baiona Marina and the Monte Real Yacht Club.

The objective of the sessions, given by Repsol’s technical assistance technician, Adrián Pérez, and Repsol’s SMAC (Safety, Environment and Quality) technician, Rosa Pérez, is for sailors to refresh their skills in safety and good practices, and acquire the necessary knowledge to act correctly in the event of an accident.

In addition to the theoretical classes, in which issues related to current safety regulations are addressed, the training sessions include several practical sessions with fuel spill containment and fire fighting exercises.

It was precisely this last practice, that of putting out a fire in the nautical facilities, the one that most caught the attention of the attendees today. The GES of Gondomar also participated in it, which went to Baiona to teach the sailors how to correctly use the different containment methods depending on the conditions and the place where the fire occurs.

The safety sessions organized by Repsol at the Monte Real Yacht Club began this Wednesday and will continue tomorrow, Thursday. Participating in the inauguration this morning were Repsol’s Head of Marine and Fisheries for southern Galicia, Inés González Megido; and the manager of the Monte Real Yacht Club, Óscar Calero.