Okofen touches victory in the J80 Class Winter League

Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen caresses the victory of the J80 Class Winter League after adding, this Saturday in Baiona, two new triumphs in the regattas that they celebrate under the organization of the Monte Real Yacht Club.

The crew, led by the historic sailor, managed to maintain its impeccable trajectory, signing two first places and one second in the three races held in the bay of Baiona.

De la Gándara did not manage to complete this time, but remains ahead of the competition and manages to move further away from its most direct rival, the Miudo by Storax, which despite having a very good navigation, lost places with respect to the Okofen .

Waiting for what may happen on the last day, in which a new discard will almost certainly come into play, it does not seem likely that the Portuguese, with 27 points after this afternoon’s tests, will be able to overcome the team from Vigo, who they are 13.

If there are no big changes, it would be for them the second place in the J80 Class Winter League, and the one that would be the most close would be the third place. With 53 and 56 points, Enrique Porto’s Ferralemes and Miguel Lago’s Virazón are currently vying for entry on the winners’ podium.

Led by the Spanish champion of the Vaurien class, Pablo Cabello, the Ferralemes today achieved its best result so far in the competition. In the last test this Saturday, and after entering very late in the previous two, he signed a first place that allowed him to improve his position in the league.

Closing the provisional classification are Cansino by Fernándo Yáñez, Mondo by Bernardo Macedo, Pazo de Cea by María Campos, Luna Nueva by Juan Luis Tuero, Namasté by Luis de Mira, Alumisel by Willy Caamaño, Marías by Manuel María Cunha and the Nautical Cormorant by Francisco Javier Martínez.

The last stage of the competition will be played next Saturday, March 25, on a day in which the awards ceremony for the winners will also be held.


  1. Okofen – Javier de la Gandara (13 points)
  2. Miudo by Storax – Alfonso Leite (27 points)
  3. Ferralemes – Pablo Cabello (53 points)
  4. Virazón – Javier Rey (56 points)
  5. Tired – Fernándo Yáñez (67 points)
  6. Mondo – Bernardo Macedo (73 points)
  7. Pazo de Cea – Maria Campos (90 points)
  8. New Moon – Juan Luis Tuero (93 points)
  9. Namasté – Luis de Mira (97 points)
  10. Alumisel – Willy Caamaño (129 points)
  11. Marias – Manuel Maria Cunha (141 points)
  12. Nautical Cormorant – Francisco Javier Martínez (150 points)