The Count of Gondomar Trophy begins – Sabadell Gallego Grand Prix

Some thirty boats will fight for victory in the fortieth edition of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy

· The competition begins tomorrow, Friday, with the most exciting test of the trophy, a route of more than 90 round trip miles between Baiona and Carrumeiro Chico

· A circumnavigation of the Ons archipelago is scheduled for Saturday, and two windward-leeward races will be held on Sunday

· The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday at six in the afternoon at the facilities of the Monte Real Club de Yates

Baiona, July 23, 2015.- This Friday begins in Baiona the fortieth edition of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy, a competition organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates with the sponsorship of SabadellGallego and Storax .

The first of the stages, one of the most exciting in the trophy, is the Storax Spanish Offshore Championship, and is reserved for ORC class 0, 1, 2 and 3 boats. This is the mythical ascent to Carrumeiro Chico, a round trip of more than 90 miles from Baiona, with the added difficulty that the crews will have to complete part of the route at night.

This year around twenty boats arriving from different parts of Spain and Portugal will face the challenge. Among them, boats like the Pottoka, from the Basque Country, skippered by Unai Basurko, winner of the National Sailing Award in 2012 for his Pakea Bizkaia project. Also at this year’s Conde de Gondomar will be the Gran Fisgón, from the Real Club Náutico de Palma de Mallorca, and the Gran Jotiti, recently arrived in Baiona from the Canary Islands.

Along with them, Portuguese and Galician crews who are regulars at the Monte Real competitions, such as the Fend la Bise, of the Yacht Clube do Porto; or the Aceites Abril, by Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal, which in the previous edition of the Conde won the title of Champion of Spain in Height. The Salseiro or the Pairo 8 are other boats that will fight this year to successfully complete the most difficult stage of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy.

Once the Carrumeiro stage is over, there will still be two more tests to complete the fortieth edition of the trophy. On Saturday, the Santiago Apóstol holiday, the ORC 4 class boats, and the monotypes J80 and Fígaros, will take to the water for a 30-mile journey around the Ons archipelago. For the evening, the program includes a seafood dinner with Raffles gin tasting and Nordic tonic.

On Sunday, the third and last day of regattas, two windward-leeward races are scheduled in which all the participating crews will test their strength. That same day, once the competition is over, the awards ceremony for the winners will take place at the facilities of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

With the distribution of trophies, the end will be put to the fortieth edition of the Count of Gondomar, the countdown will begin for the next great sporting event of the Baionese club, the thirtieth edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, which will be held on days 4, 5 and 6 of September.