El Gran Jotiti leads the Storax Stage of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy

Ernesto Cortina’s boat from the Monte Real Yacht Club was in first position from the start and is sailing at a good pace towards Carrumeiro, with the option of breaking the record

At a certain distance from its stern, it is followed by the Pairo 8 and the Aceites Abril, which are having an interesting duel for second position, and somewhat further back, the Arroutado and the Castrosúa

· After the Storax Stage that takes place today, the Conde de Gondomar Trophy – Sabadell Gallego Grand Prix continues this weekend with four new tests

Baiona, July 24, 2015.- Wearing a pendant from the Monte Real Yacht Club and with Ernesto Cortina at the wheel, the Gran Jotiti, a 62-footer made of carbon fiber, leads in real time the first stage of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy, which is also the Spanish Championship for Storax height.

The boat, which seeks to beat the Carrumeiro record and has options to do so, was in the lead from the first moments of the regatta and was marking distances with respect to the rest of the fleet. The crew always chose the option furthest from the coast, and made the entire journey around the outside of the Cíes, Ons and Sálvora islands at a very good pace, pushed by winds with peaks of 22 knots.

At her stern, at a certain distance, a very interesting duel is taking place between Pairo 8, also from the Monte Real Club de Yates, with Luis Bugallo at the helm, and José Luis Freire and Laureano Wizner among the crew; and Aceites Abril, by the brothers Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal, with a pendant from the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. A little further back, another pair of boats, the Arroutado and the Castrosúa, are trying to advance positions to gain a foothold on the Storax Stage podium.

This first test of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy – SabadellGallego Grand Prix began with a slight delay over the scheduled time and with a somewhat light wind, which increased in intensity as the fleet moved away from Carallones. From the initial 7 knots, it went to an average of 18-20, with peaks of 22-23 knots, and the boats, despite the fact that there was a lot of sea, were able to navigate more easily.

At this time, the fleet continues at a very good pace towards Carrumeiro and it is expected that the first boats will begin to round the lighthouse shortly. Once they carry out this maneuver, the crews will set off again towards Baiona, where most of them will arrive, predictably, well into the morning.

At this stage, the only boat that has had problems has been Rui Ramada’s MBA Atlántico, which was forced to withdraw from the competition shortly after starting after suffering a broken backstay.

The Conde de Gondomar Trophy continues this weekend

The Conde de Gondomar Trophy continues tomorrow, Saturday, the Santiago Apóstol holiday, with the second day of tests, in which the ORC 4 class boats and the J80 and Fígaros monotypes will compete. The crews will face a route of about 30 miles, starting in Baiona and circumnavigating the Ons archipelago. From the test, which will start at eleven in the morning, a double score will be obtained for the general classification: a first based on the Baiona-Ons route and a second taking into account the complete Baiona-Ons-Cíes route.

After the sports competition, which is scheduled to end around six in the afternoon, an anniversary party will be held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the trophy, created in 1976 by the Monte Real Yacht Club. It will include a seafood dinner with a tasting of Raffles gin and Nordic tonic, starting at nine at night in the facilities of the Baionese club.

A day later, on Sunday the 26th, the third and last day of tests will be held, in which the thirty registered boats will participate. Starting at noon, the crews will compete in two windward-leeward races at the Cíes Islands anchorage. That same day, in the afternoon, the awards ceremony will take place for the winners.