From Baiona to Ons for the Galician championship

· More than 30 sailors will compete tomorrow in the Rías Baixas for the Galician Solo and Two-handed Championship organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club by delegation of the Galician Sailing Federation

The sailboats will depart at eleven o’clock in the morning from the Bay of Baiona towards the Camouco lighthouse in front of Ons Island, from where they will return to finish the tour in the vicinity of the Torre Tenaza

· In dispute will also be the cup of the third Rafael Olmedo Memorial – Inserimos Trophy that pays tribute to the one who was president of the Baion club for more than 40 years

More than 30 sailors from different Galician yacht clubs will compete tomorrow Saturday in the Rías Baixas for the Galician Solo and Two-handed Championship, a test whose main characteristic is that the sailboats must be manned by one or two people at most.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, the fleet of boats arriving from Sada, Portosín, Bouzas, Punta Lagoa, Canido or Baiona, and a couple of them from Portugal and the United Kingdom, will hear the starting signal inside the bay of Baiona, from where they will head towards the Camouco lighthouse, opposite the island of Ons.

About forty miles of round trip that the crews will face in good conditions, since the weather forecasts announce a wind from the northwest with an average of 12 knots, which could increase to 24 in the early afternoon.

Among the competitors we will see the usual faces of this type of regattas with reduced crews. They will be, among others, the current solitaire champion, Jean Claude Sarrade; or José María Peinó, who will try to improve on the third place he achieved in the previous edition of the championship.

Victor Carrión and Ana Sardiña on board the Menudeta, and Enrique Porto and Damián Puebla on the J80 Ferralemes are other favorites to win the A Dos title. And in a mostly male fleet, the presence of a boat manned only by women stands out, the Pazo de Cea, in which María Campos and Rita Hernández will compete.