The wind and the sea come to the call of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy on its Vuelta a Ons day

The wind and the sea attended the call of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy, which today Saturday was contesting its second coastal stage, a coastal route through the Parque da Illas Atlánticas, with the Cíes, Onza and Ons Islands as natural environments.

Organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne, it has the collaboration of Turismo de Galicia, Turismo Rías Baixas, Martín Códax, Swiss Jewelry, El Corte Inglés, Nea, Coca Cola, Nordés and the Royal Spanish and Galician Sailing Federations.

Punctual departure for all classes at 12 noon, with independent routes for ORC 0-1 and 2, which circumnavigated Onza and Ons, and for ORC 3, which would go around the Cíes Islands. For the first 31 nautical miles (57 km approx.) and 13.1 miles (24 km approx.) for the second.

The wind remained from the southwest all the time, with a fan of just 10 degrees, oscillating from right to left, between 200 and 190. The intensities increased as the morning progressed, with parameters ranging from 16 knots to 22, with a total average of 18 knots.

Navigation without great difficulties, although some spinnaker and rigging breakages were recorded, due to areas where the wind pressure was greater, causing the occasional scare with the waves.

Castrosua, led by Willy Alonso (MRCYB) once again delivered, winning this second stage, consolidating his position as leader, not only in his grouped ORC Division 0-1, but also in the overall Conde de Gondomar Trophy. Command in the high position with 4 points. Second was the Aceites Abril, by Jorge and Luís Pérez-Canal (RCN Vigo), silver position that they also reaffirm in the general, with 5 points. And third of the day was Arroutado 2, by José Manuel Pérez (RCN Portosín), which appears on the podium scene, although Cenor&Electrolux, by Martín Bermúdez (RCR Galicia) continues to hold third place, with 11 points.

In ORC 2, Codaste, by Roberto Fontán (MRCYB), with Nacho Campos at the helm, won the heat. However, the Bosch Communication Center, owned by Ramón Ojea (CM Canido), despite being third on Saturday, continues to maintain its golden position with 5 points, thanks to its excellent result in the long coastal. Two behind the communicator leader is Cachete, by Francisco Edreira (CN Sada), who was second today. And third overall in this Division is Codaste, by Fontán and Campos, with 8 points.

In the ORC 3 the order has not changed since the first day, with a Luna Nueva, by Asturian Juan Luís Tuero (MRCYB) who once again made clear the versatility of his J80. Command your group with 2 points. With 4 points, is Enxuto, by Pablo Conde (CN Combarro) and with 6 the Portuguese Margem do Azul, by Frederico Lopes (MRCYB).

Tomorrow the fourth and final test will be held for ORC 0-1 and 2, and the third for ORC 3, starting at 12 o’clock, and where the Committee plans to set up a test to the wind, that is, a windward- leeward between buoys, approximately 8 miles long, with two upwind and two stern, where each linear layout will be around 2 nautical miles.