The Sailing School of the Monte Real Yacht Club closes its 2014-2015 season

Nearly 50 Initiation, Optimist, Cadet and 420 students will go out on the water this weekend to compete in the last regatta of the club’s Social League

With the closing of the annual season, the summer activities begin at Monte Real, which include various courses for children and adults.

· The Abanca Sailing School also has other activities scheduled for this summer such as Getaways to the Cíes Islands or Sunsets aboard a sailboat

Bayonne, June 26, 2015.- The Abanca Sailing School of the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne closes its 2014-2015 season this weekend, with the celebration of a regatta in which all the students from the different categories.

Nearly 50 sailors between the ages of 7 and 16, from Initiation, Optimist, Cadet and 420 will go out on the water in the bay of Baiona to compete in the final tests of the Monte Real Social League, an internal competition that the school’s students They have been fighting for months.

The tests will be held on Saturday and Sunday morning, and on Sunday afternoon, starting at five o’clock, prizes will be awarded to the winners and diplomas to all participants.

With the closing of the annual season, the summer activities begin at Monte Real, an extensive program that includes all kinds of proposals so that people of all ages can enjoy the sea in the bay of Baiona.

The Sailing School in summer

Next July 6 begins the first of the four shifts of the Summer Nautical Camp that the club organizes together with Wetsports Ladeira. In it, boys and girls between 7 and 16 years old can enjoy a few days at sea learning sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and paddle surfing.

For the little ones, Monte Real also has light sailing courses scheduled during the months of July and August, in the morning or afternoon. And for the older ones, cruising sailing courses.

The club also organizes getaways to the Cíes Islands from Baiona, with which to spend a whole day sailing with friends or family through one of the most charming places in Galicia.

And for those who have less time available but do not want to miss the opportunity to navigate the bay, there are the sunsets on a sailboat. They are 3-hour outings, from eight in the afternoon to eleven at night, with which to enjoy the sunset aboard one of the club’s boats.

The registration period for all these activities is now open. You can contact the club by calling 986 385 000 / 625 261 586 or writing an email to