The Monte Real Club de Yates hosts this weekend the final of the Spanish Cruise Championship

· On Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th, the boats that opt for the title of Champion of Spain of Cruises by maritime zones will compete in Baiona

· Among the six participating boats there are two with a Galician crew, the Aceites Abril of Luis Pérez Canal and the Movistar of Pedro Campos

· The aspiring champion of champions will compete for the trophy under equal conditions, sailing in identical boats loaned by Monte Real

The Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona will host the Trofeo Pueblos Colombinos de España this weekend, from which the winner of the Spanish Championship of Cruises by maritime zones will emerge.

It is a title to which the five boats that were winners in the zone championships held, throughout this 2014, in different parts of Spain aspire.

In the Cantabrian Zone, Salem, by Carlos Marton, rose to the podium; in the Andaluza he won the Icue IV, by Carlos Sáez; and the Canarias Explosivo, by Lucio Pérez, prevailed in the Canary Zone. In the Atlantic and Mediterranean areas, two Galician boats won the victory, the Aceites Abril, owned by Luis Pérez Canal, and the Movistar, owned by Pedro Campos.

These five crews will be joined, in the championship final, by a sixth chosen by the MRCYB, which acts as the host club. It will be formed by the team of the Olympic medalist Sandra Azón, recent winner of the Ladies Cup Trophy of the Monte Real Yacht Club.

The tests will take place on the 15th and 16th in the Bay of Baiona, and the participating teams will compete under equal conditions. They will go out to sea in identical boats, six First Class Fígaro loaned by the club from Baiona for the occasion.

The final of the Spanish Cruise Championship to be held at the Monte Real Yacht Club is organized by the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and is sponsored by the Baiona City Council and the Colombian Peoples of Spain.