The Infinitus Rent Trophy returns to Baiona with Miudo and Cansino in the lead


Tomorrow, Saturday, starting at three in the afternoon, the second day of the J80 one-design trophy organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates will be held

· The Miudo de Afonso Leite of the Portuguese club We Do Sailing and the Cansino of Fernando Yáñez del Monte Real lead the classification tied on points

· The weather forecast announces good wind conditions for the celebration of the three tasks that the regatta committee has planned


Tomorrow, Saturday, the Infinitus Rent Trophy returns to Baiona with the Portuguese from Miudo and the Galicians from Cansino tied on points at the top of the standings. The J80 one-design competition organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club will live its second day starting at three in the afternoon in the bay of Baiona with a weather forecast that is perfect for haggling.

If the forecasts are fulfilled, the wind of between 6 and 10 knots from the north component will allow the celebration of the three tasks planned by the regatta committee. Three windward-leeward courses with which the boats that are in the lead will try to widen the gap with the rest of the fleet.

After the two opening races, Miudo and Cansino, with Afonso Leite and Fernando Yáñez leading the crews, were placed at the top of the standings, with 5 points each. Rosario García’s La Galera sailboat from A Coruña is third with 9 points, and close behind are Miguel Lago’s Virazón and Juan Luis Tuero’s Luna Nueva with 10 and 11 points respectively.

In tenth place in the classification is Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen, one of the boats that is expected to climb positions on this second day, after having lost steam on the first due to a disqualification.



1. MIUDO · Afonso Leite · We Do Sailing
2. TIRED · Fernándo Yáñez · Monte Real Yacht Club
3. LA GALERA · Rosario García · Real Club Náutico A Coruña
4. VIRAZÓN · Miguel Lago · Monte Real Yacht Club
5. NEW MOON Juan Luis Tuero Monte Real Yacht Club