Monte Real launches 6 summer proposals to learn to sail and enjoy the sea in Baiona

· The Monte Real summer campaign includes six proposals so that children and adults can learn to sail and enjoy the sea in Baiona

· Daytime sailing camps and weekly dinghy sailing courses are the proposals aimed at the smallest of the house between 7 and 16 years old

· For adults, the Baionese club offers the possibility of taking weekly cruise sailing courses and courses to learn to sail in one day.

Sailing activities at sunset or sailing to the Cíes Islands are aimed at a more familiar audience or groups of friends

The Monte Real Club de Yates has just launched its summer sailing campaign, which includes six proposals with which children and adults can learn to sail and enjoy the sea in Baiona during the months of July, August and September.

For the youngest members of the household, aged between 7 and 16, the Baionese club organizes Weekly light sailing courses , in the morning or afternoon, so that children can have a first contact with sailing or improve their technique with different types of boats if they already know how to sail.

There are also Day Sailing Camps for them, somewhat more complete than the weekly courses, since they include more hours of sailing, both in the morning and in the afternoon, and food service. It is a proposal aimed above all at those families who find it somewhat more difficult to reconcile during the summer and want their children to enjoy and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

For those over 16 years of age, Monte Real offers weekly cruising sailing courses , also with the option to choose a morning or afternoon schedule. Always accompanied by a coach from the club, with these courses the students learn to sail in the calm waters of the bay of Baiona and end up going out to the open sea to perfect their knowledge on board the sailboat.

And for those who want to learn to sail but do not have a week to attend the course, Monte Real also offers Courses to learn to sail in one day . During a day, from morning to afternoon, the participants will be able to learn the basic maneuvers to handle a boat.

Sailing to the Cíes Islands or at sunset are other proposals from the Monte Real Yacht Club for this summer, aimed above all at families or groups of friends who want to enjoy sailing while learning sailing concepts.

In the case of Sailing to the Cíes Islands, it is a one-day activity, from eleven in the morning to seven in the evening, which includes a sailing trip to the archipelago during which you learn to sail and disembark on the island to eat and have a guided visit to the natural park.

Between July and September there is also the possibility of Sunset Sailing , an activity with which to discover the keys to handling a sailing vessel as the day falls. It lasts three hours and will be offered from July to September.

There are six proposals for the summer season with which the Monte Real Yacht Club wants to bring the world of sailing closer to all those who want to learn about this sport, improve their practice or simply enjoy sailing along the Vigo estuary.

To receive more information or reserve a place in any of the activities, you can call 986 385 000 or write an email to .

The Baitra Trophy brings Galician children’s sailing to Baiona

40 Optimist sailors from the main sailing schools in Galicia will meet this weekend in Baiona at the Baitra Trophy

· The regional test is organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates with the sponsorship of the firm from Baitra Naval Accessories Baitra

· The main objective of the competition that will be held over two days on Saturday and Sunday is to promote grassroots sailing in Galicia


40 Optimist sailors from the main sailing schools in Galicia will meet this weekend in Baiona to participate in a new edition of the Baitra Children’s Sailing Trophy, which the Monte Real Club de Yates is once again organizing with the sponsorship of Baitra Naval Accessories to promote basic sailing in Galicia.

The Club Marítimo de Canido, the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, the Club Marítimo Carrumeiro and the Monte Real Club de Yates itself will be represented in the regional competition, which will take place over two days, next Saturday and Sunday.

The Baitra Trophy can be seen from the surroundings of the Bay of Baiona – Photo © Rosana Calvo

During the two days that the competition will last, the fleet will compete in four categories: A, B, C and School. For them, the regatta committee will schedule a maximum of six tests inside the Bay of Baiona. They will be trapeze routes lasting approximately 40 minutes, with a shortened route for School sailors.

On Saturday the tests will begin at half past two in the afternoon, once the sailors’ reception in Baiona and the meeting of coaches and committees have finished. The first starting signal on Sunday will be given a little earlier, at half past eleven, with the aim that the regattas can be finished before half past four, the time at which the awards ceremony is scheduled to be held. Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category and the winner of each will also receive a check to purchase nautical equipment.

The Baitra Trophy will once again bring together Galician children’s sailing in Baiona – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The Baitra Dinghy Sailing Trophy is celebrated one more year thanks to the sponsorship of Baitra Accesorios Navales, a company dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of quality naval accessories and equipment, based in Baiona, which for years has maintained a firm commitment to children’s sailing in Galicia.

The Optimists will be the protagonists of the Baitra Trophy 2019 – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The 420 world champions will participate this weekend in Baiona in the Baitra Trophy


· Martín Wizner from Vigo and Pedro Ameneiro from Pontevedra will be two of the sailors who will compete in the competition organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club

· The crews will measure their strength in six regattas that the committee will distribute between the days of Saturday and Sunday depending on the weather

· The naval effects company Baitra repeats as a sponsor and consolidates itself as one of the main promoters of basic sailing in Galicia


The main yacht clubs in Galicia will move their teams of 420 to Baiona this weekend to compete in the Baitra Trophy, a competition promoted by the Monte Real Club de Yates in which the best sailors in the class will meet.

Among them will be, among others, Martín Wizner from Vigo and Pedro Ameneiro from Pontevedra, who last January were crowned in Fremantle (Australia) as world champions under 17 in the 420 class. We will also see on the water the team formed by Jorge Enríquez and Guillermo Núñez, winners of the previous edition of the Baitra Trophy.

Sanxenxo, Vigo and Rodeira are the clubs that send the most sailors to Baiona, where more than fifty athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 will gather. Teams from Portosín and Oza will also participate in the trophy, as well as from the Monte Real Club de Yates itself.

The participating crews will sail as a fleet and will measure their strength in six regattas that the committee in charge of the organization will distribute, depending on how the weather behaves, between the days of Saturday and Sunday. Today the forecasts indicate that there will be good wind to race, from the north and more than 12 knots of intensity.

At the awards ceremony, scheduled for Sunday at five in the afternoon, the manager of Baitra, Juan Carlos González, will participate, who for yet another year has established himself as one of the main promoters of grassroots sailing in Galicia through sponsorship of different competitions and events.

Also present will be the mayor of Baiona, Ángel Rodal; the president of the Galician Sailing Federation, Manuel Villaverde and several directors of Monte Real.

In addition to having its own classification, the Baitra Trophy, of a classifying nature for the category, will continue to define the 420 ranking of the Galician Sailing Federation.


(Image: Jorge Enríquez and Guillermo Núñez, winners of the 2017 Baitra Trophy – Photo © Rosana Calvo)

Bayonne, February 17 and 18, 2018

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