Dear friends and friends:

Just a few words to send you our most cordial Christmas greetings and our best wishes for the coming year 2021.

I am sure that this year 2020, which ends in a few days, has filled us with uncertainties, doubts and endless sensations that we will hardly forget.

It has also allowed us to verify that, when the commitment and quality of a team is firm, things can be done, albeit with greater difficulties. And this is the commitment that makes Monte Real great.

With the effort of each and every one of the sailors, from the youngest to the most experienced, we have been able to carry out the scheduled regattas and the most emblematic of the Club. Their support has been decisive in assuming that Monte Real should be, once again, leading our sport: sailing.

Our most sincere thanks to the sponsors and institutions that have not hesitated to support, especially this year, our firm challenge so that the sport we practice at sea could continue.

To the media, always willing to convey to society the beauty of a sport such as sailing: thank you very much for it.

And to all those with whom this year has been especially hard, and to their families, our warmest hug.



Jose Luis Alvarez
President of the Monte Real Yacht Club