Getaways to the Cíes Islands

During the summer months, the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayona organizes getaways to the Cíes Islands from Baiona, where you can enjoy a whole day sailing through one of the most charming places in Galicia.

At ten in the morning , all those who wish to can embark from the club’s pontoons (located within the grounds of the Parador Nacional de Baiona) in a Figaro Beneteau (a sailboat 10 meters long) accompanied by a skipper from Monte Real, who will take them to the archipelago.

Once there, the possibilities are multiple. Participants will be able to get off at one of the islands to tour it or enjoy a day at the beach, stay on board the sailboat anchored in the vicinity of the islands, or circumnavigate the archipelago.

At eight in the afternoon the boat will be back at Monte Real, to disembark the sailors on the club’s pontoons.

The outings are suitable for people of any age. No special material is needed, although it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, a jacket that protects you from the cold and wind, sunglasses and sunscreen.

The price of the getaways is 49 euros per person , and they will be organized as long as there is a minimum of 4 participants .

It is essential to book two days in advance, by calling 986 385 000 or 625 261 586 , or writing an email to