From Combarro and Vigo heading to Baiona with the CdeC del Monte Real Trophy


· The estuaries of Pontevedra and Vigo and the bay of Baiona will be the scene of the regattas included in the CdeC Trophy that will be held next Saturday

· The tests, in which the organization expects fifty boats to participate, inaugurate the ORC calendar of the Monte Real Club de Yates

· The Trophy will include two coastal regattas between Combarro and Baiona starting at noon and between Vigo and Baiona starting at two in the afternoon

The largest fleet of the trophy will depart from the vicinity of the port of Vigo – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The estuaries of Pontevedra and Vigo and the Bay of Baiona will be the scene, next Saturday, of the CdeC Trophy, with which the Monte Real Club de Yates inaugurates its regatta calendar for ORC boats. After having put into play the Winter League for the J80 one-designs during the first months of the year, the arrival of spring means the opening of the trophies to more classes of boats.

The great regattas return to Baiona and they do so, in this first call, spreading out through the southernmost Galician estuaries, those of Pontevedra and Vigo, with two different coastal regattas. One, the earliest, will depart at noon from Combarro, with a travel forecast of about 22 nautical miles. The other, leaving from the vicinity of the port of Vigo, will begin at two in the afternoon, and will involve a route of approximately 15 miles.

And although the routes will be different at the beginning, they were designed so that the last few miles, already entering the bay of Baiona, where the arrival will be located, can be done together by a large part of the fleet, sharing obligatory crossing points such as the beacon from La Negra or Carallones, this being the last one before the end.

Magical and Aceites Abril in front of the city of Vigo in the previous edition – Photo © Rosana Calvo

As of today, the list of entries already exceeds twenty and from the organization, the sports director of Monte Real, Roy Alonso, hopes to have fifty boats. Among the already confirmed participants will be some of the winners of the previous edition, who will try to revalidate their victory. In 2022 the laurels were won by Julio Rodríguez’s Magical (ORC 1-2-3 Class), Vicente Cid’s Deep Blue 2.1 (ORC 4-5-6 Class), Jacobo Vecino’s Salaño 2 and Brenda Maure (A2 Class). ), Carlos García’s Maracaná (ORC Combarro Class) and Alboroto skippered by Javier Aguado (J80 Class).

The Real Club Náutico de Vigo and the Monte Real Club de Yates will almost certainly be the clubs with the greatest presence of boats at the starting line, but crews from many other clubs have already been confirmed. In the water competing will be La Burla Negra from Castrelo de Miño, the Ski from the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas, the Ronáuticas Marinas from the Club Náutico San Telmo (Tui), the Narval from the Club Náutico Vilagarcía, or the Cinco Islas Albariño from the Club Náutico de Beluso (Bueu), the Petrilla Cáctus Digital of the Club Náutico de Portonovo or the Orlando of the Ro Yacht Club (Combarro), among others.

Aceites Abril and Ifaclinic in duel in the previous edition – Photo © Rosana Calvo

For all of them, except for the J80 that will compete in real time, the final classification will be based on compensated times. There will be winners of the different classes for the two regattas put into play: Combarro-Baiona and Vigo-Baiona, and a special award for the best female crew in the Figaro class, with which Monte Real continues to try to promote a greater presence of women in the club’s regattas. The awards ceremony, which will conclude the CdeC Trophy, will be held at seven in the afternoon at the Monte Real Club de Yates facilities and will be attended, among other authorities, by the CEO of the CdeC Group, Carlos Calo, sponsor of the event.

Part of the fleet from the previous edition with the Rande bridge in the background – Photo © Rosana Calvo


Saturday, April 22, 2023