De la Gándara, relentless in the J80 Class Winter League

The historic sailor from Vigo, Javier de la Gándara, was relentless once again in the Winter League of the Monte Real Club de Yates, a competition that saw its second day this afternoon in Baiona.

Aboard the Okofen and with his usual crew, made up of Jaime de la Gándara, Diego Fernández and Hugo Ferreiro, De la Gándara won the three races held this Saturday in the waters of the bay of Baiona, with which he now has six victories in the six regattas held throughout this month.

Neither the problems they had again with the spinnaker, nor the deep sea that made it difficult for the sailboats to navigate, nor even the good work of other boats such as Francisca Barros’ Miudo by Storax, prevented the Okofen crew from crossing first the finish line in all races run.

With this new full of victories, De la Gándara and his team are increasingly separating themselves from their rivals, whom they already exceed by more than ten points. The closest, in second and third position in the classification, and level on points, are Miudo by Storax and Virazón.

The Portuguese from Miúdo signed three fantastic regattas this afternoon, which allowed them to rise from fifth place to second. They did it with a completely renewed crew compared to the first day. At the controls, Francisca Barros, a very young Portuguese sailor who has been demonstrating her talent aboard these monotypes for some time.

Miguel Lago’s Virazón, another of the classics on the J80 competition podiums, came out, as always, ready to fight, but after a very good first race, he lost some steam and had to settle for third place in the Provisional podium, where he is tied on points with Miúdo.

After six tests and the application of a discard, the classification of the J80 Class Winter League of the Monte Real Club de Yates is completed by Enrique Porto’s Ferralemes, Fernándo Yáñez’s Cansino, Bernardo Macedo’s Mondo, Juan’s Luna Nueva Luis Tuero and the Pazo de Cea de María Campos.

Closing the list are Luis de Mira’s Namasté and Willy Caamaño’s Alumisel, who were unable to go out on the water this afternoon to compete in the second day of tests, but who will return to the competition in the third stage, on February 11.


  1. Okofen – Javier de la Gandara (5 points)
  2. Miudo by Storax – Francisca Barros (15 points)
  3. Virazón – Miguel Lago (15 points)
  4. Ferralemes – Enrique Porto (17 points)
  5. Tired – Fernándo Yáñez (21 points)
  6. Mondo – Bernardo Macedo (32 points)
  7. New Moon – Juan Luis Tuero (35 points)
  8. Pazo de Cea – Maria Campos (36 points)
  9. Namasté – Luis de Mira (41 points)
  10. Alumisel – Willy Caamaño (46 points)