Baiona summons the best crews in the 34th Prince of Asturias Trophy

· The Monte Real Club de Yates and the Military Naval School organize from next Friday to Sunday the thirty-fourth edition of one of the most prestigious nautical competitions in Spain

· Until the registration period closes, the organization anticipates the participation of some 80 boats that will bring together more than 500 national and international sailors in the Galician Rías Baixas

The trophy will include the gala delivery of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards, which is expected to be attended by King Juan Carlos to collect the Rogue Movistar award for best boat of the year

· The Prince of Asturias Trophy will once again have a strong feminist and inclusive accent with the celebration of ¡HOLA! Ladies Cup and participation in the regattas of the AXA adapted sailing boat

Official presentation of the Prince of Asturias Trophy this morning in Baiona – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Beginning next Friday, Baiona will bring together some of the best crews on the Spanish nautical scene at the 34th Prince of Asturias Trophy that the Monte Real Club de Yates and the Naval Military School are organizing for yet another year with the sponsorship of ABANCA.

During the three days that the competition will last, the Galician fishing village will be the epicenter of several regattas in which, pending the registration deadline, some 80 boats are expected to participate, which will bring together in the Rías Baixas more of 500 sailors from all over the peninsula.

Among them we will see King Juan Carlos who, recovered from his recent heart operation, has signed up to compete in the 6-meter class aboard the Bribón 500 with his usual crew, in which he will once again have Galician Pedro Campos as his right-hand man .

The 6 meters, grouped into the Infititus Rent and 6m Formula classes, will make up two of the 12 categories that this new edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy will feature, one of the most numerous to date in terms of classes, with a wide range of boats.

There will be a Martin Miller ORC 0-1 class, April Oils ORC 2, Gadis ORC 3, Volvo Autesa ORC 4, SH Robotic ORC 5, Engels & Volkers ORC Open and ORC Open Extra. In the classic STORAX class, some of the spectacular sailboats of Agabace, the Galician Association of classic and vintage boats, will once again sail; and along with the 6 meters, two other monotypes will also participate: the Solventis J80 class and the Figaro Beneteau.

We will see the latter in the HELLO! Ladies Cup, the women’s competition included in the framework of the trophy in which every September, for 22 years, 36 sailors from different parts of Spain and Portugal have measured their strength. 36 women divided into 6 crews aboard 6 identical boats that star in one of the most attractive sections of the Príncipe de Asturias.

Speech by the president of Monte Real, José Luis Álvarez, at the official presentation of the Príncipe de Asturias Trophy – Photo © Rosana Calvo

A Prince of Asturias Trophy that, in addition to being feminist, is committed to inclusion and youth. A boat will participate in the Open class, the AXA Seguros, in which, thanks to the support of the insurer and the Ministry of Social Policy of the Xunta de Galicia, students with functional diversity from the Monte Real Adapted Sailing School will sail. And this year also, as a novelty, the 6 meter class offers the possibility for crews to take on board, as a guest, a child under 15 years of age or less, in a clear commitment to the future of sailing for the new generations.

With these characteristics, the Prince of Asturias Trophy will raise the curtain next Friday in Baiona to stage three sports and festive days with a complete program that will alternate regattas with breakfasts, dinners, parties and fireworks.

On Friday, on the opening day, the large boats grouped into classes ORC 0, 1, 2 and 3 will go out on the water; the J80 and the girls of the HELLO! Ladies Cup. It will be from three in the afternoon. Previously, in the trophy village located in the gardens of Monte Real, Onda Cero Vigo will carry out several hours of live programming. And at night, once the regattas are over, a seafood dinner for the participants.

On Saturday the day will begin at noon, with a honk for all classes at twelve. The competition will take place in different regatta fields, both inside the bay of Baiona and in other points of the Vigo estuary, and at night the gala of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards will be held.

In addition to King Juan Carlos’ Bribón Movistar, as the best ship; The prestigious awards will be given to the Estrella Damm for the best ORC boat; the Cantabrian-Galician tandem formed by Diego Botín and Iago López Marra for the best Olympic team of the year; Martín Wizner and Pedro Ameneiro to the best youth team of the year; the Marnatura for the best monotype; Violeta del Reino for the best sailor and Nauta 360 the Mariano Aguado Communication Award. In addition, a special prize for the best sports project will be awarded to the Galicia 93 Pescanova, in the year that marks the 25th anniversary of its podium finish in the Sailing Tour of the World.

After the gala of the National Sailing Awards, the subsequent dinner, fireworks and party; the crews will prepare for the last day, which will be held on Sunday from twelve noon. They will be the definitive tests to design the winners’ podiums and define some prizes that will be delivered that same day in the afternoon, starting at six o’clock at the Monte Real Club de Yates.

Some of the trophies that will be awarded on Sunday at the awards ceremony – Photo © Rosana Calvo

This will bring to an end the 34th edition of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club and the Military Naval School, sponsored by ABANCA, the support of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, the institutional collaboration of the Xunta de Galicia, the Diputación de Pontevedra and the council of Baiona.

The Prince of Asturias Trophy and the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards will once again bring together the best in sailing – Photo © Rosana Calvo


The official presentation of the 34th Prince of Asturias Trophy, held this morning in Baiona, was chaired by the president of the Monte Real Yacht Club, José Luis Álvarez; and the commander director of the Military Naval School, Ignacio Cuartero; as co-organizers of the trophy. They were accompanied on behalf of the sponsors by the director of ABANCA’s commercial network, Gabriel González; and the general manager of Bodegas Terras Gauda, Enrique Costas. The mayor of Baiona, Carlos Gómez; the deputy of the Pontevedra Provincial Council, Santos Héctor Rodríguez; and the delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, Corina Porro, completed the list of attending authorities.

“The Prince of Asturias Trophy turns thirty-four years old and continues to stand out for uniting very different fields. Sport, of course, but also tourism, nature, leisure, the economy, feminism, social inclusion… and it is precisely because of this confluence of synergies that we are so proud to be able to celebrate it hand in hand with the Naval School Military”

José Luis Álvarez President of the Monte Real Yacht Club

“In this edition, 5 navy ships and a female crew, made up of students and teachers from the Naval Military School, will participate in the ¡HOLA! Ladies Cup. This is a special year because it commemorates the fifth centenary of one of the greatest feats in world sailing, and the winners of this women’s competition will receive the Juan Sebastián Elcano Trophy”

Ignacio Cuartero Commander Director of the Naval Military School

“It is a pride to be able to participate, one more year, in the sponsorship of this sports event, one of the most notorious sailing competitions. ABANCA’s support for this emblematic competition and our history of collaboration with Monte Real are clear examples of our commitment to sport and the world of the sea. You were pioneers when in 1986 you embarked on the organization of this test and your tenacity and good work have allowed you to get here. For all these reasons, we feel very honored to be part of this competition”

Gabriel González Director of the commercial network of ABANCA

“The Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards have become the most prestigious awards in the sector and the list of award-winning projects and people provides great added value to our brand. They are projects of effort, success and perseverance, values that we also support at Terras Gauda, which is why it is an honor to give these prestigious awards a name”

Enrique Costas General Manager of Bodegas Terras Gauda

“The Prince of Asturias Trophy makes Baiona the nerve center of the nautical world, with the best crews competing in the incomparable Rías Baixas. The great ideals with which this event was born remain alive and sailors can not only enjoy their passion for sailing here, but also the beauty that our fishing village brings to the competition”

Carlos Gómez Mayor of Baiona

“For the Pontevedra Provincial Council, it is an event of the utmost importance because we also link tourism to quality sporting events. This is how we include it in our strategic plan and the Prince of Asturias Trophy has all the elements to put Pontevedra on the map”

Santos Héctor Rodríguez Deputy of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra

“If there is something very important in the celebration of the Prince of Asturias Trophy, it is that it manages not only to stage, but to make the collaboration between the public and private worlds a reality, the union of administrations such as the council, the Provincial Council and the Xunta de Galicia with such outstanding companies as Abanca and Terras Gauda”

Corina Porro Delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo