Ay Carmela leads the provisional classification of the Martín Códax Trophy for Solitaires and A Dos

Ay Carmela de, Juan Martínez, from the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas, is the provisional leader of the Martín Códax Trophy, a regatta on the Galician Solitaire and A Dos circuit, organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne in collaboration with Turismo de Galicia and Rias Baixas Tourism.

Menudeta, owned by Víctor Carrión in Group 1 and Mar de Frades, owned by Juan Debén, in Group 2, are the top of the list in the two divisions of A Dos, marking at the close of this edition all the boats a stable average speed which is between 3 and 5 knots.

The Committee delayed the departure for half an hour, originally scheduled for eleven o’clock in the morning. The Bay of Baiona had no wind and we had to look for it in the Carallones area.

At 11:24 am, the intelligence flag was lowered, indicating the end of the postponement in the water. And six minutes later, the thirty sailboats that made up the fleet of the Martín Códax Trophy crossed the imaginary starting line, anchored one mile from the well-known sea mark of Carallones. The component commanded the 210, that is, from the southwest, with 10 knots. An unmarking beacon was anchored, 0.6 miles from the PIN or starting buoy, with the sailboats grouped together, reaching the wind mark on both sides.

Clean tacks, without major compromises, leaving both Carallones and the La Negra buoy on the starboard side. Bow towards the Costa de la Vela with a tailwind, rising at times to 12 knots.

The Fifty, of the Portuguese Rui Ramada, never lost the head of the fleet in real time, taking the mark of El Ter, in the Ría de Arousa, after little more than four hours of navigation. Castrosua, by Willy Alonso, and Barlovento XVI, by Felipe Regojo, ruled from above. However, when applying the compensated times, the general classification varied substantially, mainly due to how grouped the fleet was. Ay Carmela, led by Juan Martínez, took the provisional lead when turning El Ter, not only in the Solitaires class, but also in the absolute combination of the Martín Códax Trophy.

Around half past eight in the afternoon, of the almighty Fifty, he was the first to cross the finish line anchored in the Viños area, at the height of the channel between the two Cies Islands.