Appointment with the paralympic sailing this weekend in Baiona

· The Monte Real Yacht Club organizes the 2.4mR Class Adapted Sailing Vitaldent Championship, included in the II Iberdrola Paralympic Sailing Circuit

· The sailor Rafa Andarias, from Xábia, will try to defend the leadership of the 2.4mR class that he achieved in the Spanish championship held in May in Valencia

· The fleet will include sailors from all over Spain. Defending the Galician flag will be Fran Piñeiro, from the Escota de Vigo Sailing Club

The Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne is organizing this weekend the Vitaldent 2.4mR Adapted Sailing Championship, framed in the Iberdrola Paralympic Sailing Circuit. It is an open regatta for all boats in the 2.4mR class in which some 15 boats from Galicia, Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia and the Basque Country will participate.

Although there are already training sessions this Friday, the official tests will begin tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 noon in the Bay of Baiona and will include a series of routes between buoys, a program that will be repeated on Sunday at the same time. That last day, the awards ceremony will also be held at the Monte Real Club de Yates, starting at five in the afternoon.

The Spanish 2.4mR sailors arrive in Baiona after passing through Valencia, where the Spanish Championship was held last May. There, the sailor from Xábia and member of the Spanish preparatory team Rafa Andarias won the victory, who seeks to maintain the leadership of the 2.4mR class in the tests this weekend. The Galician Fran Piñeiro, from the Club de Vela Escota de Vigo, will try to prevent him and make a podium in Galicia.

The Vitaldent Adapted Sailing Championship is included in the Iberdrola Paralympic Sailing Circuit, which this year celebrates its second edition. It was launched with the aim of promoting and publicizing the class and Adapted Sailing in Spain.

After this first test in Baiona, sponsored by Vitaldent, the regatta program will continue in Santander and Barcelona, in the months of July and September. In October the Iberdrola Trophy will be held in Valencia, which will be a European championship.