The Monte Real Yacht Club joins the party of the Arrival from the sea


· The Monte Real Yacht Club encourages you to enjoy the Fiesta de la Arribada from the sea by organizing sailing trips around the bay of Baiona

· The Baiona club also offers 20 percent discounts on its moorings to all those who want to get closer to Baiona on their boat

· The great festival of Baiona of international tourist interest will be held next weekend and will include an extensive program of activities


Once again this year, the Monte Real Club de Yates joins the celebration of the Fiesta de la Arribada, organizing sailing trips to enjoy the great festivities of Baiona, declared of international tourist interest.

All those who wish, whether or not they are members of the club, will be able to go sailing through the bay of Baiona on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March, being able to enjoy the shows of the Arribada from the sea.

They will be outputs of 2 hours duration. During the first hour, the crew, accompanied by a skipper from Monte Real, will be able to tour the Bay of Baiona and enjoy the thrill of sailing.

In the second hour you can choose between continuing to sail through the waters of the bay or staying near Ribeira beach to see the shows of the Arribada or the atmosphere of the town.

All those interested in reserving a place or requesting more information can contact the club by sending an email to or by calling 986 385 000.

The price of each trip is 25 euros per person (20 euros for MRCYB members) and a maximum of 6 people can go out on each boat.

In addition to departures on the club’s sailboats, the Monte Real Club de Yates will offer, during the days of the Arribada, discounts of 20 percent on its moorings to all those who have their own boat and want to sail to Baiona.

The activities that the Monte Real Yacht Club organizes on the occasion of the Arribada are part of the annual programming of the club’s Sailing School in which, throughout the year, dinghy sailing courses are offered for children and sailing cruise for adults

Getaways to the Cíes Islands, sunsets on a sailboat, Team Building activities or programs for companies are other of the many proposals that Monte Real offers to all those who want to enjoy the sea in Baiona.

El Cansino, first leader of the J80 Winter League


El Cansino became this Saturday the first leader of the Winter League that the Monte Real Yacht Club organizes in the Bay of Baiona and in which J80 class monotypes compete exclusively

· The sailboat skippered by Commodore del Monte Real Fernando Yáñez closed the markers of the third day with two points, which was the first scoring after two attempts to start frustrated by the weather

· After two contested races and a third started but finally canceled due to lack of wind, Luis de Mira’s Namasté and Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen were placed in second and third position in the provisional classification


El Cansino became the first leader of the J80 class Winter League this Saturday, which is organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates and is held until next April in the bay of Baiona.

The sailboat skippered by the commodore of the Baionese club Fernando Yáñez closed the markers of the third day -the first scoring after the cancellation of the first two due to the weather- with two points in the two races played with a fairly weak northwest wind , with an average of 4-5 knots and peaks of 7.

In the first race, Cansino crossed the finish line ahead of Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen and Luis de Mira’s Namasté , who placed second and third. The crossing of the three by the finish line was very tight and that situation was repeated in the second race.

In it, Cansino reiterated its victory, and the second and third places turned around compared to the initial test, placing Luis de Mira’s Namasté ahead of Okofen de la Gándara.

The regatta committee, chaired by José Ángel Rodríguez, started a third test but the sailboats could barely dispute half an hour of test, since the wind disappeared completely and left the jacks stalled without being able to complete it.

Thus, Cansino with 2 points, and Namasté and Okofen with 5, are fully involved in the fight for victory in the Winter League. Further down the ranking are, with 10 points, the Mondo by Bernardo Macedo; with 11 the Miudo de Carlos Hernández and the Pazo de Cea de María Campos; with 12 the New Moon; and closing the classification three boats that have not yet been able to open the scoring, Yago G. Robatto’s Cormorant II; the Virazo n of Miguel Lago and the Cunichan by Javier Martinez Valente.

After this opening day, the J80 Winter League returns to the water in fifteen days, on Saturday, March 9, with the fourth round of tests, which will be the second scoring. Once again, three windward-leeward routes for a fleet willing to fight for a title that will be resolved on the last day, scheduled for April 6.








Students from the Monte Real Adapted Sailing School reforest Baiona with 200 native trees


· Twenty students and volunteers today planted 200 autochthonous carballos in Baiona to bring life to a piece of land near the Virgen de la Roca that was burned in the wave of fires in October 2017

· This initiative, together with other actions of respect, environmental awareness and social commitment carried out by the Monte Real Yacht Club in 2018, have earned the club the seal of “Event with good atmosphere Coca Cola”

· Among the measures implemented by the club are the installation of recycling points, the promotion of talks on environmental awareness, the programming of beach cleaning days or the hiring of personnel with difficult social insertion

Twenty students from the Adapted Sailing School of the Monte Real Yacht Club, accompanied by a group of volunteers, authorities and members of the club, planted 200 native trees this morning in Baiona.

They did so with the aim of reforesting and restoring life to land near the Virgen de la Roca, one of the most outstanding monuments of the fishing village, which was burned in the wave of fires recorded in October 2017.

The reforestation was carried out with autochthonous oaks since it is a species that takes longer to burn and does not favor the spread of fires, unlike pyrophilic species such as eucalyptus or pine.

In addition to mitigating the expansion of eucalyptus, a highly flammable tree that, due to its economic profitability and its easy and rapid growth, has spread widely in Galicia, the Monte Real Club de Yates has also tried to offset its annual carbon footprint, estimated at almost 12 tons of CO2.

During the development of the reforestation activity, the president and vice president of the Monte Real Yacht Club, José Luis Álvarez and Alejandro Retolaza, received from the hands of the communication manager of Coca Cola European Partners, María Troncoso, the seal “Event with good atmosphere Coca Cola”.

It is a distinction that recognizes institutions, entities and initiatives for their respect for the environment, environmental awareness and social commitment; and that in this case distinguishes the Baiona club not only for the reforestation carried out today in Baiona but for the sum of actions carried out throughout 2018.

Among the measures implemented by the club are the installation of recycling points, the promotion of talks on environmental awareness, the programming of beach cleaning days or the hiring of personnel with difficult social insertion.

The club’s Adapted Sailing School for people with disabilities, constant cleanliness during events, avoiding the use of disposable items and minimizing the materials supplied to participants were other actions valued by Coca Cola when granting its Seal to Monte Real.

The club adds this new distinction to those of the Blue Flag, which it has maintained since 1988; the Q for Tourist Quality, which it received in 2018; or the recognition of the ADEAC for the elimination of architectural barriers and care for people with disabilities.

In addition to the president and vice president of the Monte Real Yacht Club, José Luis Álvarez and Alejandro Retolaza; and the communication manager of Coca Cola European Partners, María Troncoso; The mayor of Baiona, Ángel Rodal, also participated in the reforestation carried out by the students of the MRCYB Sailing School; the president of the Juan María de Nigrán Center, José Santoro; and several members of the Community of Montes de Santa María de Afora.

Monte Real studies the benefits of sailing to treat serious behavior problems


· The Baionese club carried out a pilot navigation test with a group of students from the Panxón (Nigrán) Special Education Center with serious behavioral problems

· The objective of the initiative was to verify how going out sailing can benefit children who have not managed to adapt to traditional education in a very positive way

· The balance of the activity has encouraged the club to seek support to promote a specific program of outings to the sea that allows preventing and treating these disorders

The bay of Baiona with the Parador Nacional in the background was the setting for the activity with the kids from the CEE Panxón – Photo © Rosana Calvo

There are currently in Galicia, enrolled in different centers throughout the community, about 8,500 children with behavioral or personality problems, attention deficit or hyperactivity (ADHD). Most of them, 90 percent, are children diagnosed with ADHD, and the remaining 10 percent, according to recent data from the Xunta de Galicia, are affected by serious behavioral disorders.

It is thus called a set of behaviors that imply a persistent opposition to authority figures and social norms, an attitude that leads to serious problems of coexistence with parents, teachers, classmates and, in general, with a large number of people. If they arise in isolation, they do not usually generate too many incidents, but the problem is when these behaviors are maintained over time, intensify with age or lead to aggressive behavior, school absenteeism, drug use or theft.

In the prevention and treatment of these disorders, sport has always been considered a very important factor, since it allows reinforcing positive behaviors and suppressing bad habits. And it is in this field, and more specifically in that of nautical sports, that the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona has begun to work.

After years of working hand in hand with associations of people with functional diversity through its Adapted Sailing School and thanks to the support of administrations such as the Xunta de Galicia, institutions such as Fundación Repsol and companies such as ABANCA, Monte Real now assumes a new challenge, that of helping people with serious behavioral disorders. And the first step it has taken on this path has been to carry out a pilot test of an exit to the sea with a group of students from the Panxón Center for Special Education (Nigrán).

Group of students from the Panxón (Nigrán) Special Education Center who participated in the Monte Real pilot test – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Led by two coaches from the club’s Sailing School, eight students between the ages of 10 and 17 from the Panxón CEE, accompanied by several of their teachers, got on a pneumatic motorboat to explore the Bay of Baiona and participate in several educational activities at points such as the San Xoán beacon, the La Porta channel or the Serralleiras islets.

For several hours, the group of Panxón students were able to discover how to sail in Baiona – Photo © Rosana Calvo

They used nautical charts, allied compasses, mooring grapples, lead lines, ropes and other nautical elements; They sailed through the bay, recognized the Val Miñor from the sea, visited the facilities of Monte Real and reacted in a very positive and proactive way to the scheduled dynamics.

The activity was led by two coaches from the MRCYB Sailing School and controlled by educators from the Panxón CEE – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The benefit of the activity was reflected in the subsequent evaluation of coaches and teachers, who showed their satisfaction with the development of the activity and a clear interest in continuing the pilot test with a more extensive outing program.

And it is precisely on this project that Monte Real is now working, which will try to obtain support in order to extend the proposal and involve the largest possible number of centers of this type in it. What the club is looking for is that the nautical sport, and more specifically the sport of sailing, helps to educate, strengthen, offer new resources and tools to people with serious behavioral problems.

A pneumatic motor from Monte Real was the medium chosen for the pilot test with the students of the CEE Panxón – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The development of emotional intelligence and resilience, the improvement of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, the acquisition of skills in planning and responsibility, the increase in decision-making capacity and motivation, the exchange of positive experiences through coexistence or teamwork are some of the benefits that sailing can offer this type of person.


The weather plays it again to the jack


Adverse weather forced the opening of the J80 Winter League, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates, to be suspended for the second time.

· After a failed first attempt due to the absence of wind, the strong gusts recorded this afternoon prevented the inauguration of the classification again

· Before starting the race that was finally cancelled, the fleet observed a minute of silence in memory of sailor Gerardo Alonso


The weather once again played tricks on the J80s participating in the Winter League organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates this Saturday by preventing them, once again, from opening the scoring.

After a first failed attempt due to the absence of wind on what was to be the first day on January 26, the strong gusts recorded this afternoon again forced the committee to suspend the regatta day.

The cancellation occurred once the first leg had started, which was started with a wind of about 17 knots. The jota undertook the route normally but the arrival of a shower brought gusts of over 30 knots and the fleet began to suffer.

Problems were reported in several boats, even abandoning one of them, and the committee decided first to cancel the test and finally, and after verifying that the situation was not going to improve, the regatta day.

A day that began with a minute of silence in memory of sailor Gerardo Alonso, who died last weekend after a long illness; and that will resume next February 23.


New start for the J80 Winter League

· The fleet competing in the Monte Real Club de Yates competition will try to open the scoring after a failed first day due to poor wind

· The three windward-leeward type tests scheduled for the occasion will be held from three in the afternoon in the bay of Baiona

· Before starting the regatta, a minute of silence will be observed in memory of the sailor Gerardo Alonso, a regular in this league who died a few days ago

Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen will not compete this time as they are in Lanzarote fighting for the J80 Champions Cup

Image of the first day, on January 26, which finally had to be suspended due to lack of wind – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Tomorrow, Saturday, the second day -the first scoring day- of the J80 class Winter League will be held, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates in the Bay of Baiona for the Galician one-design fleet.

The participating crews will try to open the scoring after a failed first day due to the wind, which did not blow with sufficient intensity and forced the scheduled tests to be suspended.

In this case, the forecasts point to the opposite. They forecast winds above 15 knots that could approach 30 at times, which would add excitement to the one-design regatta day.

The first starting horn will be heard at three in the afternoon, just after the fleet observes a minute of silence in memory of sailor Gerardo Alonso, a regular in this league who died a few days ago after a long fight against the illness he suffered from .

The J80s will compete for the first scores in three double-lap windward-leeward courses in which sailors of the stature of Miguel Lago will be measured, leading Virazón; or the Portuguese 420 vice-champion, Marta Ramada, aboard the Miúdo.

Faces will be seen with regulars from the Monte Real competition, such as the club’s commodore, Fernando Yáñez, at El Cansino; Asturian Juan Luis Tuero at the controls of Luna Nueva; the secretary of the J80 class in Galicia and leader of the Namasté, Luis de Mira; Bernardo Macedo in the Mondo or Javier Martínez Valente in the Cunichán, among others.

The one that will not be on this occasion will be Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen, who is in Lanzarote disputing the J80 Champions Cup.

The J80 Winter League of the Monte Real Yacht Club is part of the beautiful landscape of the Bay of Baiona – Photo © Rosana Calvo




New deadline to request the equipment of the Sailing School

Given the great reception that the first term to request the new kit of the MRCYB Sailing School had, the club has decided to open a new application period, so that no one is left without it.

The new kit for sports practice (dinghy sailing and cruising sailing, children and adults) consists of a polo shirt, a vest cover and a windbreaker, which can be purchased at the club for just 35 euros .

The garments will be labeled with the athlete’s name, the club’s pendant and the logos of the institutions that sponsor the Sailing School; and the cost of these labels will be borne by the club.

All those who want to acquire this new kit can request it by writing an email to or by calling 986 385 000.

There is the possibility of acquiring the pack of 3 garments for 35 euros, or each garment individually , at a price of 10 euros for the polo shirt, 17 euros for the vest cover and 18 euros for the windbreaker.

“We are still in the elite of Spanish clubs”

INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ LUIS ÁLVAREZ by PEDRO SARDINA. Published in the supplement ABC DE LA NAUTICA of ABC on January 31, 2019


The historic Monte Real Yacht Club of Baiona has had, since its birth in 1965, six presidents. Between 1965 and 1973 it was Ricardo Valeiras, Alfredo Romero and Carlos Zulueta. In 1973 the stage of Rafael Olmedo began, which would last for 42 years, until his death in 2015. That same year, and after a brief presidency of Gabriel Baltar, who held the position for a few months, José Luis Álvarez was the winner in the elections held at the club, who became the sixth president of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

How did your presidency at Monte Real Club de Yates come about?

Well, when Don Rafael Olmedo passed away, who had presided over the club for more than 40 years, some members proposed it to me. An honor for me, and an important personal challenge. I have always loved this club and after thinking about it in my head, I believed that I could do good things for it. And in those we are, working hard with a great team, so that Monte Real continues to be what its partners and everyone who visits us expects of it.

How did you find the club when you arrived?

Well. There are always things to improve. There were when I arrived and surely there will be when I leave. In a club with as much activity as ours, it is difficult not to have something written down on the to-do list. There is always something to do, something to promote, something to fix… and there needs to be, because that shows that you have ambition and a desire to improve. But everything was heading in the right direction and I think we are still on the right track. Moving forward, always moving forward, and working very hard. In this sense we are ambitious.

Sportingly speaking, at what level is Monte Real now?

To the highest. We continue to be one of the most important clubs in Spain, and not only because of our history and our reputation, which is something that transcends beyond our borders, but above all because we are capable of continuing to program, year after year, a large number of competitions. Few clubs program as much and at as many levels as we do.

What happens to the Galician boats that do not leave the fjord to compete as they did before?

It is something that we should ask the owners, but I understand that it is basically because there are not as many resources as before. I am not only speaking economically, since the crisis situation has been improving in recent years, but to get professional crew, travel dates, logistics to move the boats… it is complicated. There is also the issue that in Galicia we have ideal conditions to haggle and compete. When you can enjoy sailing so much “at home”, and there are difficulties in going out, it is normal for many to choose to stay.

We have spent many years with the Prince of Asturias Trophy at a standstill, what measures should be put in place to move it forward?

Stopped? I honestly don’t think it’s stopped. We maintain very good participation figures, the support of numerous administrations and companies, and satisfaction surveys reveal that shipowners and sailors are delighted with the competition. It is evident, clearly, that it is not like in the most buoyant years, when the economy was in another situation and the sponsorships were different; but in the current situation, the Principe de Asturias Trophy is at a very good level, and continues to be one of the three most important regattas in Spain.

Shouldn’t a trophy like the Prince of Asturias have more regattas one day?

It is something that has not been valued for various reasons. One, the tradition. At the Monte Real Club de Yates we like to maintain traditions and the Príncipe de Asturias was created in 1986 with a three-day regatta format that continues to function well. How do we know? Well, because of what the participants tell us. At the end of the trophy, we launch satisfaction questionnaires, and the responses of the owners show us that they agree with the competition model. That is another reason, something that we take into account, since the opinion of the participants is very important to us.

Don’t you think that the participation of so many classes distorts the trophy?

Not at all. I think it only distorts the fact of communicating the final results, because there is no clear winner and it is a bit difficult to understand that in a competition there can be 7 or 8 winners. But it is like that, and that is also the essence of a trophy like this, which is open to the participation of many classes, different types of boats, sailors… we always say that the Prince of Asturias Trophy is a “sailing festival ” and everyone should be able to participate in it.

Why don’t the Mediterranean boats go up to compete in the Príncipe de Asturias?

Well, I understand that it is a bit because of the same thing that happens with Galician shipowners who do not go to the Mediterranean to compete. Because it is complicated. There are not so many resources and in the end one, if he does not see himself with the possibility of obtaining a title or a prominent position that the whole operation deserves, then he chooses to stay at home to haggle, or to go to a place where he can move the ship does not cause a great disturbance. For example, a large number of Portuguese crews come to the club to compete. Why? Well, because they are close, or relatively close, and moving the boats is not that complicated, neither in terms of budget nor logistics. I wish it were easier and the owners would be encouraged to come to the Prince. We are sure that they would love it and repeat it. It is a great competition.

Wouldn’t a meeting between the presidents of Palma, Valencia and Baiona be a good idea to try to organize a “triple crown” with the three best regattas in Spain?

Yes, very good indeed. For our part, of course, we are willing to participate in that meeting and do everything in our power to make this “triple crown” a reality.

The three great Galician regattas have been in crisis for many years, is it not because the three great Galician clubs have isolated themselves from each other?

I don’t think they are in crisis, really. Both the Rías de Vigo and the Príncipe de Baiona and the Rey Juan Carlos de Sanxenxo Trophy continue to be regattas with a very high level of participation. And they all imply, in a way, a relationship between the three clubs. We collaborate with each other and even organize other regattas together. I think we all work to get the best for our clubs, but we get along well, the relationship is certainly good.

After challenging for the Copa América three times, has the world forgotten about Baiona?

Monte Real is still very present in world sailing as one of the reference clubs. We maintain a relationship with the most important clubs in the world and not long ago many of them attended the Galicia Atlantic Destination, which we organized to talk about international nautical tourism. In addition, every year many clubs choose Monte Real for their events, competitions or simply This summer, for example, we have activities with such important associations as the World Cruising Club, the Irish Cruising Club or the Royal Cruising Club.

Is Olympic sailing the unfinished business of Monte Real?

The truth is that it has never been part of the Monte Real project, but we have supported specific projects, and perhaps we will do so again in the future.

For when a Women’s Cruise League?

Well, at the moment it is something that we do not have in mind, but promoting women’s sailing is something that we always keep in mind, from the beginning through our Sailing School, to the Ladies Cup that we celebrate within the Prince of Asturias Trophy.

And a Spanish Adapted Sailing Championship?

For 4 consecutive years, until 2016, we organized the 2.4mR Iberian Championship, which was part of the Iberdrola Paralympic Sailing Circuit, and was one of the most important adapted sailing competitions in Spain, but since Iberdrola withdrew its support has reorganized. Waiting for an opportunity to arise and we can get involved in a specific trophy, we continue working for adapted sailing through our Sailing School, with courses, activities and initiatives… and through some of our competitions, in which someone participates. adapted sailing boat

What international events are planned for this year?

Well, we have several international events on the calendar, both regattas, rallies and events, all of them in summer. At the beginning of July, from the 3rd to the 13th, the Pornic-Baiona-La Rochelle is held, for which the registration period is now open. Also in mid-July, we will celebrate the Irish Cruising Club nautical meeting at our facilities, and we will receive the visit of a fleet of more than 20 Royal Cruising Club boats. And the ARC Portugal Rally, which celebrates 25 years of history this year, will make a stop in Baiona at the beginning of June.

Would it be possible to internationalize the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards?

would fit And the truth is that the possibility of including among the prizes a special mention to an international sailor, team or project has been considered. It would be, yes, a special mention, since the awards will continue to be, and we are clear about that, both the sponsor Terras Gauda, and the club as organizer, “national” sailing awards. In Spain we have great sports projects and great athletes whose merits deserve to be recognised, and that has always been, and will continue to be our objective and that of these awards in the future. It is necessary to continue promoting sailing in Spain, and we believe that these awards are a very good way of doing so.

How is the season presented at the Baiona regatta course?

Well, very intense, as always. Except in August and December, which are months in which there is more social than sports activity, in the rest of the months we have competitions practically every 15 days. We start and end the year with our J80, winter and fall leagues; we continue with the classic winter and spring regattas for cruisers; we have a couple of dinghy sailing competitions with which we intend to continue promoting grassroots sailing in Galicia; and we organize again, one more year, the Galician Championship of Solitaires and Two. We also co-organize several international regattas, which I told you about earlier; and in July and September we have our main dishes: the Count of Gondomar Trophy and the Prince of Asturias Trophy. It’s going to be a busy year.

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