Young promises of sailing in Galicia train at Monte Real

· The Monte Real Yacht Club Sailing School resumes its activity during the 2014-2015 school year with the support of ABANCA

· ” Sailing for everyone ” is the motto of a school that aims to bring this sport to people of all ages and conditions, to compete or simply enjoy the sea

· The activities of the yacht club include courses for children and adults, regatta team training and outings to the sea for people with physical and mental disabilities.

With the start of the school year just around the corner, at the Monte Real Yacht Club everything is ready to start a new season of the Sailing School, with which for years we have been training young promises of sailing in Galicia. .

Thanks to the support of ABANCA, the initiative has been gaining momentum over the years, and expectations for this new stage are very good. The goal remains the same as its origins, to bring the world of sailing closer to as many people as possible, whether or not they are members of the club. The motto “ Sailing for everyone ” makes this very clear.

Courses for children and adults, theoretical and practical training, regatta team training and outings to the sea for people with some type of disability are the main proposals for the 2014-2015 Season.

We organize this last activity, for people with physical and mental disabilities, through the Adapted Sailing School, an initiative that, barely two years old, was worthy, in 2014, of a distinction from the Environmental Education Association and the Consumer (ADEAC) for his work in removing barriers.

A recognition of the good work carried out that Carlos Rúa, the head of the school, defines as “ small steps towards big goals ”. Both he and the group of coaches at Monte Real work with great aspirations. They intend to transmit their love for sailing to as many children as possible, so that they can enjoy the sea and its benefits, which go, as they say, far beyond practicing sports.

With these pretensions it seems that, one more season, we will see the bay of Baiona full of boats full of young promises from the world of sailing. Or, simply, of boys and girls enjoying the sea.