Virazón, Bouvento and Balea Dous win the first stage of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy

· Guillermo Caamaño’s Virazón and Ricardo Acevedo’s Bouvento completed a great regatta and won the J80 and Fígaro classes

· In the ORC 4 competition, the provisional classification is led by Balea Dous of the Real Club Náutico de Rodeira led by Luis María Pérez

· The largest boats that compete for the route to and from Carrumeiro Chico will begin to arrive in Baiona at dawn

· The 42nd Count of Gondomar – Banco Sabadell Trophy continues next Monday with a circumnavigation test of the Cíes and Ons archipelagos

The forty-second edition of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy, which is being held until next Tuesday in the Rías Baixas under the organization of the Monte Real Club de Yates and sponsored by Banco Sabadell, began with a good wind and great expectation on the water.

The competition began on time at eleven o’clock in the morning with the departure, heading for Carrumeiro Chico, of the boats of the Storax ORC 0-1 and PSA Retail 2-3 classes, which after taking the unmarking, undertook a journey of almost one hundred miles away that will not end until Sunday morning, with the arrival of the last sailboats.

Barely a quarter of an hour after the departure of the big boats, and after readjusting the regatta field due to a role of wind, the honk resounded in the Bay of Baiona for the fleet of the J80 Rías Baixas and Fígaro Martin Miller classes. , which competed in real time. Also for the Coca Cola ORC 4 class, for which the regatta committee established the same course, a route of just over 29 round-trip miles to the Camouco lighthouse, near Ons Island.

The fleet left the bay of Baiona through Carallones quite agile, propelled by a northwesterly wind of between 7 and 8 knots, but just after taking that first mark, a calm one stalled the boats for almost three quarters of an hour. Finally, a breeze came through the Cíes and the crews resumed their sailing rhythm.

In the J80 Rías Baixas class, the Virazón del Monte Real Club de Yates, led by Willy Caamaño, was the first to take advantage of that wind and was able to take advantage of the rest of the sailboats. He easily beat Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen, his biggest rival and the one who started, a priori, as the favourite. The third to cross the finish line was Luis de Mira’s Namasté.

In the Figaro Martin Miller class, the protagonist of the day was Ricardo Acevedo, who, aboard the Bouvento, was able to lead a group of students from the Monte Real Cruise Sailing School to the top of the standings. He also did it in a convincing way, taking a great advantage over the rest of Fígaros and finishing the test very close to the J80. Silleiro de Santiago Meygide and Serralleiras de Ramón Palao are in second and third position in the provisional classification.

In the Coca Cola ORC 4 class, the six hours and twenty minutes that the Balea Dous took to complete the test place it, today, as the favorite to climb to the top of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy podium. The boat from the Real Club Náutico de Rodeira, skippered by Luis María Pérez, is followed in the classification by two boats from Monte Real, the Abal Abogados-Lagar de Pintos-Fanautic, owned by Mariano Dios; and the Margem do Azul III by Santiago Gómez.

The first day of the 42nd Count of Gondomar – Banco Sabadell Trophy ended on land with a tasting of Martin Miller and Royal Bliss gin and tonics. The competition will continue next Monday with a circumnavigation event around the Cíes and Ons archipelagos.



  1. Virazón Guillermo Caamaño
  2. Okofen · Javier de la Gándara
  3. Namasté · Luis de Mira


  1. Bouvento · Ricardo Acevedo
  2. Silleiro Santiago Meygide
  3. Serralleiras Ramon Palao


  1. Balea Dous · Luis María Pérez
  2. Abal Lawyers – Lagar de Pintos – Fanautic Mariano Dios
  3. Margem do Azul III · Santiago Gómez