The Yacht Club organized a new appointment of the El Corte Inglés de la Prensa Challenge

Friday, June 21, 2013.- The Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne organized a new appointment of the El Corte Inglés de la Prensa Challenge, which in this 2013 edition celebrated its 14th anniversary.

With the advice of guests of extraordinary sporting dimension such as the Olympic champion Antón Paz; the crew chief of the Spanish Copa América Iberdrola, Laureano Wizner; the two-time cruiser class champion Jesús Pintos, the reigning Spanish 420 champions, Pedro Martínez and Luís Bugallo; the Platu 25 world champion, Carlos Paz, and the patron of the Bosch Communication Center, Ramón Ojea.

With this premise and in the call promoted by El Corte Inglés, 25 journalists from different media, fields and sections, enrolled on board the sailboats of the Novagalicia Banco del Monte Real Cruise School.

The day was presented with a northwest, 10-12 knots in the 310, which was maintained during the three technical tasks and the coastal one.

It was set up windward 0.3 miles from the Committee, and during the first two tests it was sailed upwind and downwind only. In the third, with the rise of the wind, two ascents and two descents were traced. The first was won by Fígaro advised by Ramón Ojea. The second by Antón Paz. And the third by Laureano Wizner. The coastal one, which put an end to the day of competition, was developed taking as a passing reference the lighthouse of El Cabezo de San Juan and the maritime signaling buoy of El Emisario, inside the Bay of Baiona, a test that was awarded Ramón Ojea again.

After scoring points, Wizner’s team from Radio Televisao Portuguesa, led by Frederico Lopes, won the El Corte Inglés de la Prensa Challenge trophy, with Manuel Fernández, Rui Martíns, Paulo Gomes and Rui Castro on board.

The second place, and therefore as the first classified Spanish boat, was the Fígaro of Carlos Paz, with Mayka Esturao, of El Correo Gallego; Clemente Esmorís, Independent; and Xosé Piñeiro, from Radio Galega.

The bronze position was taken by the sailboat instructed by Ramón Ojea and Luís Bugallo, with Xosé Otero, from Radio ECCA; and Pepe Costas, from Baiona TV.

After the meal offered by the Yacht Club and El Corte Inglés, the awards ceremony was held, which was chaired by Rafael Olmedo, President of Monte Real; Pati Blanco, Director of Communication and External Relations of El Corte Inglés in Galicia; Carlos Soto, Vice President of the Yacht Club; and Rafael Barreras, member of its Board of Directors.

The Bayonne Yacht Club organizes El Desafío El Corte Inglés de la Prensa, with the initiative of bringing the sport of sailing closer to those whose mission is to talk about it, narrating and recounting the development of the regattas. This is a special way of making it known, forming part of it, with a first-person experience and from which they can draw their own conclusions.