The TP52 of the Super Series arrive in Baiona


· This morning the sailboats that will compete in the ABANCA 52 SUPER SERIES will arrive at the Monte Real Yacht Club throughout the day · Baiona Sailing Week

· They are TP52-type boats, monohulls built in carbon fiber, light and high performance, considered authentic “flying machines”

· The logistics company Peters & May was in charge of bringing them to Galicia from the port of Sagunto (Valencia), unloading them in the port of Vigo and will also be in charge of the logistics of moving the containers to Baiona

The TP52s this morning in Vigo before starting the unloading operation – Photo © Rosana Calvo

The port of Vigo hosted this morning one of the most peculiar unloading and unloading operations so far this year, that of the sailboats that at the end of this month will compete in the ABANCA 52 SUPER SERIES – Baiona Sailing Week, organized by Monte Royal Yacht Club.

These spectacular boats, Transpac 52 or TP52, are carbon fiber monohulls, 15.85 meters long, with a large sail area and long, thin keels. Light and high-performance sailboats, considered authentic “flying machines” over the sea, the authentic “Formula One” of current cruising sailing.

The spectacular TP52 waiting to be unloaded in the Vigo estuary – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Under the supervision of the logistics company Peters & May, in charge of bringing them to Galicia from the port of Sagunto (Valencia) aboard a freighter, the sailboats were unloaded one by one until they touched the waters of the Rías Baixas.

“More than a complicated operation, it is a delicate operation due to the type of boats, which although they are easy to load and unload, are very delicate due to the carbon fiber with which the sailboats are built,” says the manager of Peters & May for Spain and Portugal, Justo Gosalbes.

Unloading operation of the TP52 in the port of Vigo – Photo © Rosana Calvo

“The greatest difficulty in this type of operation -says Gosalbes- is customs, because all the teams are foreign, many of them are not European, and there is a lot of customs and port paperwork that is also very laborious”.

The first unloaded TP52 about to hit the water – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Today’s was the first contact of the TP52 with the Vigo estuary, in which in less than two weeks one of the most important nautical competitions on the planet will be held, an event that will bring to Galicia some of the most prestigious, including world champions and Olympic medalists.

In addition to the sailboats, which once unloaded continue their journey by sea to Baiona, this Wednesday the 18 containers of each of the crews and the organization are also unloaded in Vigo, which later, on the 16th, will be transferred by land to the Monte Real Yacht Club.

The 8 TP52s that arrived this Tuesday from Valencia to Galicia – Photo © Rosana Calvo

Its entry into Baiona will be another of the complicated phases of the logistics operation. “Here the difficulty -explains Justo Gosalbes, from Peters & May- It is in regulating the traffic of trucks so that the town is not blocked. We will have a truck inside the Parador and another outside working, and on the outskirts of Baiona there will also be another filtering area for trucks so that they enter little by little and their circulation has the least impact. Inside the Monte Real, where the containers will be unloaded and placed, will be another of the key points of the operation, since the space is reduced and everything is calculated to the centimeter”.

In Baiona they have been clearing and preparing the entire entrance surface of the Parador Nacional and the Monte Real Club de Yates for days to be able to place the containers there. In addition, the club’s marina has had to carry out a major restructuring of the boats in order to reserve an entire pontoon for the TP52s.

The freighter that brought the TP52s to Galicia this morning in the port of Vigo – Photo © Rosana Calvo

A great organizational and logistical display for what will undoubtedly be one of the sporting events of the year in Galicia. In the ABANCA 52 SUPER SERIES – Baiona Sailing Week, the teams Allegre (UK), Gladiator (UK), Interlodge (USA), Phoenix (South Africa), Platoon (Germany), Provezza (Turkey) will compete from May 23 to 28. , Quantum Racing (USA), Sled (USA) and Team Vayu (Thailand).

8 of the 9 TP52s that will compete in the Baiona Sailing Week aboard the freighter in Vigo – Photo © Rosana Calvo