The president of Monte Real makes the traditional offering of the sea in Panxón

(Photo: Alberto Rodriguez)

· The person in charge of the Baion club, Jose Luis Álvarez, was in charge of presenting this year’s offering to the sea on behalf of the sports marina

· In his speech he reviewed all the challenges that people who work in one way or another at sea have to face on a daily basis

· The event was held in the Votive Temple of Panxón and was attended by numerous religious, military and civil authorities

The president of the Monte Real Yacht Club, José Luis Álvarez, was in charge of presenting, this afternoon at the votive temple of Panxón (Nigrán), the traditional offering of the sea to the Virgen del Carmen, a ceremony that has been held every year since 1939, organized on a rotating basis by the merchant, fishing and sports navies and by the Navy.

In his speech before the numerous authorities present, the president of the Baiona club reviewed the challenges that the sea presents to the people who work or are related to it on a daily basis. “Challenges – he said- like those of the fishermen and shellfish collectors who have to face their harsh conditions to support their families. Or the challenges of the Navy, ready to always help those who need it with a duty of service worthy of admiration and respect”.

José Luis Álvarez also mentioned the great work of the rescue services and the thousands of migrants who, wishing to flee war conflicts, “They throw themselves into the sea with empty pockets of belongings but full of hope, with the dream that the sea will allow them to start a new life.”

Before the intervention of the bishop of the diocese of Tuy-Vigo, in charge of replying to Álvarez, the president of Monte Real ended his intervention by citing Ernest Hemingway to ensure that “no one, ever, is alone at sea” .

The seventy-seventh edition of the offering of the sea in the votive temple of Panxón ended, as has been the tradition, with the blessing of the sea and the singing of the Salve Marinera.