The Okofen, champion of J80

Led by the historic sailor from Vigo, Javier de la Gándara, the Okofen won this afternoon in Baiona of the J80 Class Winter League, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates and disputed in the waters of the bay of Baiona in six days since last month from January.

With his usual crew, made up of Diego Fernández, Jaime de la Gándara and Hugo Ferreiro, joined today by Ramón Ferreiro, De la Gándara sentenced a competition in which he remained the leader from the beginning. He signed fourteen first places and two seconds in the sixteen contested races, leaving the rest of the competitors with hardly any chance.

Okofen thus adds a new victory in the one-design competitions held in Galicia, after having won, in recent months, the Prince of Asturias Trophy in the J80 category and the J80 Autumn League of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

Second place in the Winter League went to the Miudo by Storax, a Portuguese-accented boat that saw multiple crews pass through. At the cane were, in the different days, Rui Ramada, Francisca Barros, Alfonso Leite, Tiago Roquete and, in this last stage, Miguel Leite.

The Portuguese did not achieve results as clear as the Okofen, which they could only win once, but having signed a large part of the second places in the different tests allowed them to finally take silver in the competition.

The bronze went to Miguel Lago’s Virazón, another of the regulars on the J80 podiums. After handing over the command of the boat to Javier Rey for several days, Lago returned in this last stage to ensure, with his usual good work, the third position.

One step away from the podium, separated from Virazón by just three points, was Enrique Porto’s Ferralemes; and Cansino by Fernándo Yáñez, patronized today by José de la Gándara; and Bernardo Macedo’s Mondo, achieved fifth and sixth place. The final classification is closed by Luna Nueva by Juan Luis Tuero, Pazo de Cea by María Campos, Namasté by Luis de Mira, Alumisel by Willy Caamaño, Marías by Manuel María Cunha and Náutico Cormorán by Francisco Javier Martínez.

The J80 Class Winter League, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates, was held over six days since last January in the waters of the bay of Baiona. The twelve participating crews completed five initial stages with windward-leeward courses and a coastal regatta in the final stage, held this afternoon.

The end of the competition was put by a fraternization dinner held at the Monte Real facilities, in which the prizes were awarded to the winners.


  1. Okofen – Javier de la Gandara (14 points)
  2. Miudo by Storax – Rui Ramada / Francisca Barros (33 points)
  3. Virazón – Miguel Lago (60 points)
  4. Ferralemes – Enrique Porto (63 points)
  5. Tired – Fernándo Yáñez (75 points)
  6. Mondo – Bernardo Macedo (79 points)
  7. New Moon – Juan Luis Tuero (95 points)
  8. Pazo de Cea – Maria Campos (97 points)
  9. Namasté – Luis de Mira (100 points)
  10. Alumisel – Willy Caamaño (142 points)
  11. Marias – Manuel Maria Cunha (146 points)
  12. Nautical Cormorant – Francisco Javier Martínez (163 points)