The Monte Real Yacht Club awarded the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards

· The awards, one of the most prestigious in the Spanish nautical scene, were created 22 years ago to recognize the work of people and institutions in favor of the world of sailing

· Solventis and Movistar received awards as the best boats of 2013; the MAPFRE Challenge, as best project, the production company A Contracorriente Films, for its film En Solitario ; and ocean sailor Alex Pella.

Once again this year, the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne hosted the awards ceremony Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards 2013 , awards created 22 years ago with the aim of recognizing the work of different people and institutions in favor of the world of sailing, as well as its human and sporting values.

The prizes were awarded at the club’s facilities in a gala sponsored by Terras Gauda , and part of the celebration of the XXIX Prince of Asturias Trophy.

The Solventis , owned by the shipowners Alberto and Pablo Moro, and the Movistar , owned by Pedro Campos, received the prize for the best boats, for achieving victory in practically all the regattas in which they participated in their classes in 2013, the ORC 0-1 and the ORC 2-3 respectively.

The MAPFRE Challenge was awarded as the best project of 2013 after breaking a new record in the Atlantic on the Discovery Route of America. The crew traveled the more than 5,000 miles that separate Palos de la Frontera and San Salvador (Bahamas) in 11 days 7 hours, 38 minutes and 40 seconds.

The production company A Contracorriente Films received the Mariano Aguado Communication Award for having collaborated in disseminating and bringing the world of sailing closer to the general public with its film “ En Solitario ”.

And the Catalan sailor and sailor Alex Pella was recognized as the best oceanic sailor of 2013, the year in which he won first place in the Tour of Europe regatta “ Route des Princes ”, and second place in the Transoceanic regatta “ Transat Jacques Vabre ”.

An Honorary Award was also given to Mary and Joe Woodward, Monte Real delegates for Ireland and the United Kingdom, for their contribution to the tourist sponsorship of the Rías Baixas in northern Europe.

The winners of this new edition of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards received as a trophy a reproduction of the signal mast of the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne, which since December 2013 bears the name of its president, Rafael Olmedo Limeses.