The Monte Real Sailing School says goodbye to the season with the Baitra Trophy and launches its summer program


  • A competition of two days of regattas will put the end to a season of ten months of activities in which about 150 students participated
  • With the arrival of summer, the Monte Real Sailing School launches its summer program of activities in which they hope to receive some 400 people
  • Light sailing courses for children, cruise courses for adults, getaways to the Cíes Islands, sunsets on a sailboat and night navigation practices are some of the proposals


More than fifty sails will fill the bay of Baiona this weekend to bid farewell to the 2017-2018 season of the Monte Real Club de Yachts Sailing School, which marks the end of the stage with the celebration of the Baitra Trophy.

This concludes more than ten months of activity in which, since last September, around 150 students have participated in the dinghy, cruising and adapted sailing courses for people with disabilities that the historic Baionese club organizes at its facilities.

With the arrival of good weather and the holidays, Monte Real is now preparing to receive the 400 people who are expected to participate in the club’s summer activities. With the arrival of summer, the figures multiply and the program expands both in terms of hours and proposals.

Dinghy sailing and cruising, morning and afternoon courses for children and adults, getaways to the Cíes Islands, sailboat sunsets and night sailing practices are some of the proposals for learning to sail designed under the premise of “Sailing for everyone and everyone the levels”. That is the main objective of a training and leisure program that Carlos Rúa has been coordinating for years.

A coach at the school since 2009 and in charge of it since 2013, Rúa is very clear about the direction to follow, a roadmap that goes through demystifying the idea that sailing, at least in terms of courses, It is an expensive sport, and to extend it to anyone who wants to practice it, regardless of their age or condition.

“From the club we offer everyone, whether they are children or adults, whether or not they know how to navigate, whether or not they have disabilities, the possibility of entering the world of sailing because we are certain –says Carlos Rúa- that, once they get to know it, they will end up feeling the same passion for this sport as we do”.

Rúa invites those who want to “get infected” to watch the regattas this weekend in Baiona, where boys and girls from the age of 7 will sail. The sailing days framed in the Baitra Trophy, with which the Sailing School season ends, will be held in the bay of Baiona on Saturday from twelve noon and on Sunday from eleven.