The Margem do Azul of the MRCYB remains on the provisional podium of the Interclubes

The Margem do Azul III of the Monte Real Club de Yates, led by Frederico Lopes, remains on the provisional podium of the I Ría de Vigo Interclub Regatta, in which it competes in the cruiser class.

The Marías, also wearing a MRCYB pendant, achieved a creditable second place on the second day played today, but failed to sneak into the top three overall.

Situation similar to that of Jean Claude Sarrade’s Fend la Bise, who despite achieving third place in the regatta held this afternoon, fell from the provisional podium on which he had stood after the first day.

The competition, organized jointly by the MRCYB, the RCN Vigo and the RCN Rodeira, will hold its third and last test on June 24.

((Photo: Nuria Lago RCN Rodeira))


1. April oils Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal RCN Vigo

2. Bosch Service Solutions Ramón Ojea CM Canido

3. Starfighter Julio Rodríguez RCN Vigo


1. Balea Dous · Luis Pérez · RCN Rodeira

2. Margem do Azul III · Frederico Lopes · MRCYB

2. Deep Blue · Vicente Cid · RCN Vigo