“The candle recipe has enormous attractions, but the secret lies in the cooks”


Alberto Lázaro is the father of Lucas Lázaro, one of the students at the Monte Real Yacht Club Sailing School. Lucas has been going to initiation class for two years, and both one and the other say they are very happy with the activity.

Alberto, what encouraged you to enroll your son in one of the club’s sailing courses?

Lucas has inherited his passion for the sea from his grandfather and uncle. He loves everything related to the sea. Fishing, canoeing, diving, etc. Since we spent the summers in Baiona, we had never had contact with sailing. One year we offered Lucas the opportunity to try out and, obviously, he signed up ipso facto!

How is the little one living it? What does he tell you about his experiences at sea? What do you find easy and difficult?

Lucas is delighted with the experience. The main obstacle Lucas faced was having to push himself beyond the world he already controlled. At home, at school, with studies, etc. it is always surrounded by the comforts in which we live today. There is always a parent or a teacher who cares about your comfort.

But in his classes no one is going to prevent him from being hit by booms, no one will make the water temperature rise, the wind will die down or prevent the boat from capsizing. Everything depends exclusively on him. He is only in his Optimist. And this is a difficulty for him, but at the same time a challenge. He has the supervision and constant support of the coach, who tells him how to do things, but he is the one who has to do it alone.

With insistence and the extraordinary patience and skill of his coach, Ramón, he has managed to continue and is very happy. Every Sunday we go to pick him up, fresh as a sea bass just out of the sea, and he tells us about his “feats” of the day seasoned with his marine language.

Why do you think sailing is a good sport for children to practice?

This sport has many attractive elements, such as contact and knowledge of the sea, waves, winds, tides, etc. Also the attraction of mastering an art, that of sailing, as humans have been doing for centuries, under sail, without motors. Possibly the regattas also add an incentive as pointed out by those who practice them.

The enormous satisfaction I have with Lucas’s experience in the MRCYB sailing classes is due to the combination of two factors. The first refers to the autonomy that sport demands. As I pointed out above, each child has to fend for himself on the boat, with all the help of the coach, but the child is the only crew member.

The second is the high quality and motivation of the coaches. A huge implication, and not only for them to learn to navigate, but also for them to overcome their difficulties, to create a team among the children, so that they enjoy surpassing themselves, setting individual goals, so that they enjoy the rest of each class, etc.

Like almost everything in life, things are good or bad depending on the execution. The cake is good or bad not so much because of the recipe, but because of the cook. In this case, the recipe, that is, the candle, has enormous attractions, but the secret of how happy both my son Lucas and I are is in the cooks!

There are fathers and mothers who still consider that sailing is something elitist, reserved only for a few, what is true or false in this statement?

Buying and maintaining a boat is a luxury that is not within everyone’s reach, but learning to sail is possible, because Monte Real has boats for those who want to start, like Lucas. Sailing is in the category of “extracurricular activities” competing with any other.

Would you then encourage other parents to have their children try the sport of sailing?

Of course! Lucas is delighted, he wakes up happy every Sunday, enjoys his morning sailing, learns, plays sports and has fun with his friends. Super recommended!

What are Lucas’ aspirations? Do you want to compete or do you just see it as a hobby?

My dearest Lucas lives his sailing Sundays happily without aspiring to any competition. He likes to go to the sea, sail, play with his friends and see how he improves. Possibly later he will begin to enjoy the competitions but at this moment it is something that does not worry him in the least. Time will tell.

It is an interview with Rosana Calvo

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