Sea safety day Baiona Angra Atlantic Race


· The Baiona yacht club organizes a whole day of talks, debates and practical rescue exercises in which the rescue helicopter Pesca 1 will participate

· It will be held next Thursday, June 30, and will include the presentation to the public of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race, which will depart on Sunday for the Azores

· Guard coast guards of Galicia, Maritime Rescue, Inaer and Viking collaborate in a day in which it will be possible to visit an exhibition of security material

These days, the Monte Real Yacht Club is finalizing all the details for the celebration of what will undoubtedly be one of its most important sporting events in 2016, the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race, which will start next Sunday from the fishing village Galician course to the Azores archipelago.

The competition will be officially presented next Thursday the 30th as part of a sea safety conference organized by the Baiona club in collaboration with Gardacostas de Galicia, Salvamento Marítimo, Inaer and Viking to train the crews that will participate in the regatta.

Those in charge of opening the speeches, starting at half past ten in the morning, will be the president of the Monte Real Club de Yates, José Luis Álvarez , who will offer all the details of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race; and the Deputy Director General of the Galician Coast Guard Service, Lino Sexto Bermúdez , to present the program for the day.

Next, the Head of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, José María Suárez Llanos , will speak about maritime safety criteria and the SAR rescuer, José Luis Iglesias Durán , and the instructor commander of Pesca 1, Álvaro Espejo Saavedra , will give a talk on practical examples of rescue. They will talk about their work experience as members of a rescue team and explain how to act in case of danger at sea. At the end, a discussion will be opened with the attendees, who will be able to raise their doubts about security and rescue issues.

After the theoretical sessions in the morning, the safety session of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race will continue in the afternoon with the practical part, which will include the participation of the Pesca 1 rescue helicopter . In the bay of Baiona there will be simulations of crew rescues from a ship to the helicopter, from a raft to the helicopter and from the sea to the helicopter . There will also be practices with life rafts, smoke canisters, hand flares and parachute rockets , and throughout the day, the Monte Real Yacht Club will also host an exhibition of rescue material .

For the security day, the capacity was completed days ago. A total of 60 people will take part in it, mainly sailors from the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race, but the public who wishes will be able to see the rescue maneuvers that are carried out in the afternoon at sea from the areas surrounding the Bay of Baiona.