Sailing weekend in Baiona with the J80 Winter League

· The one-design competition organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club celebrates this Saturday the fourth of the six scheduled days

· The crew led by Javier de la Gándara leads the league convincingly after winning in all the previous stages

· The tests will start at three in the afternoon in the bay of Baiona and can be seen from the Monte Boi peninsula and nearby beaches

Baiona will live this Saturday a new day of sailing at the hands of the J80 Class Winter League of the Monte Real Yacht Club. Starting at three in the afternoon, the twelve sailboats entered in the one-design competition will compete in three new regattas in the waters of the bay of Baiona.

They will do so with conditions that are announced as favorable for navigation, since the forecasts point to a new sunny day, with pleasant temperatures and a west wind that will blow with an average intensity of 8 knots.

The regatta committee will start three windward-leeward races in a field that will be defined in the moments prior to the competition, but which will be located inside the bay, visible to all those who want to enjoy sailing the sailboats from the Monte Boi peninsula and the nearby beaches.

After winning the three previous days, Javier de la Gándara’s Okofen is the boat that leads the league, 13 points behind its rivals. The Miudo by Storax in which the Portuguese Rui Ramada and his daughter Francisca Barros alternated in the rod, is second; and Virazón de Miguel Lago, skippered on the last day by Javier Rey, occupies the third position.


  1. Okofen – Javier de la Gandara (8 points)
  2. Miudo by Storax – Rui Ramada (21 points)
  3. Virazón – Miguel Lago (28 points)
  4. Ferralemes – Enrique Porto (33 points)
  5. Tired – Fernándo Yáñez (37 points)
  6. Mondo – Bernardo Macedo (56 points)
  7. Namasté – Luis de Mira (59 points)
  8. Pazo de Cea – Maria Campos (61 points)
  9. New Moon – Juan Luis Tuero (62 points)
  10. Marias – Manuel Maria Cunha (76 points)
  11. Alumisel – Willy Caamaño (83 points)
  12. Nautical Cormorant – Francisco Javier Martínez (98 points)