Rui Ramada’s Fifty heads the regatta to the Carrumeiro del Conde de Gondomar

· The boat of the Portuguese Rui Ramada and grímpola of the Monte Real Club de Yates leads the navigation with the Pairo and the Aceites Abril a short distance from its stern

· Most of the fleet chose the route outside the Cíes Islands to climb Carrumeiro Chico, which they will reach after midnight

· Today’s stage, in which only the boats of classes 0, 1 and 2 compete, scores for the Spanish Championship of Height

· The XXXIX Conde de Gondomar Trophy continues tomorrow Friday from noon with the Vitaldent Stage, reserved for classes 3 and 4, including J80

The Fifty del Monte Real Club de Yates leads the Rías Baixas Tourism Stage of the XXXIX Count of Gondomar, with a round trip between Baiona and Carrumeiro Chico, also known as the Greek Cemetery.

The boat, skippered by the Portuguese Rui Ramada, sails at this time through the Ons area. He leads the regatta closely followed by the Pairo 8, the Aceites Abril and the Castrosúa. All of them chose the route around the outer part of the Cíes Islands, an option to which most of the fleet joined.

The Rías Baixas Tourism Stage began this Thursday a little later than expected. The lack of wind inside the bay made it necessary to modify the starting point one mile to the outside, towards the Carallones area.

Once there, the wind made an appearance and facilitated the navigation of the sailboats, which quickly picked up the pace with a northwesterly wind of about 15 knots pushing their sails. At this time they continue their course at a good speed and it is expected that Carallones will begin to turn from midnight.

Once the mythical lighthouse, known as the Cemetery of the Greeks, has been turned around, the boats will once again set sail for Baiona. With the night upon us, there will be complicated hours due to the little or no visibility, and the expertise of the crews will be what marks the distance and determines who wins the stage, which also scores for the “Memorial Ángel Zorrilla” Spanish Height Championship.

Tomorrow, Friday, the Vitaldent Stage takes place

The boats that compete in the Rías Baixas Tourism Stage today will rest during the day tomorrow, Friday, in which only classes 3 and 4 will go to sea, including the J80.

They will compete, starting at noon, in the Vitaldent Stage. They must complete a coastal route of about 22 miles with a layout that the Regatta Committee will design shortly before the start of the test, depending on the wind and sea conditions.

The XXXIX Conde de Gondomar Trophy continues on Saturday and Sunday with the El Corte Inglés Stage and the Don Pedro de Soutomaior Stage, in which the entire fleet will compete.