Pintos, Peinó and Bugallo lead the Galician Solitaire Championship and Two

· At the helm of the Victoria and running through the Real Club Náutico de A Coruña, Jesús Pintos will win, almost certainly, in the solo category

· José María Peinó and José Manuel Pérez aboard the U47 and Luis Bugallo and Gerardo Prego aboard the Pairo 8 fight for victory in the A Two category

· The prizes for the Galician Solitaire Championship and A Dos – I Rafael Olmedo Memorial will be awarded tomorrow, Sunday at one o’clock at the Monte Real Club de Yates

Baiona, June 13, 2015.- Spectacular duel in the water, from the beginning of the race, between two of the contenders for the podium of the Galician Solitary and Two-handed Championship, which will be held this weekend in the Rías Baixas, organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club of Bayonne.

The U47 of José María Peinó and José Manuel Pérez, and the Pairo 8 of Luis Bugallo and Gerardo Prego, are fighting for first place in the A Two category. In the solo category, Jesús Pintos, who started as the favourite, is living up to expectations and remains the leader in real time aboard the Victoria. In J80, the good work of Laureano Wizner and Alfonso Crespo placed Mi Moneda as the favorite to win the class.

The Galician Solitaire and Two-Handed Championship – I Rafael Olmedo Memorial began promptly at 11 in the morning in the bay of Baiona, where a route of more than 52 miles was started. Once the clearance was overcome, the boats hoisted spinnakers and sailed with a tailwind at quite a speed through the interior of the Parque Natural de las Atlánticas to the Ter, on the Island of Arousa, where the first ones turned around after two in the afternoon. At this time the boats continue towards the Cíes, where the finish line is set.

The final classification will be known, predictably, this morning, and tomorrow, Sunday, at one in the afternoon, the awards ceremony will be held at the facilities of the Monte Real Yacht Club.