More than 200 solidarity athletes in the fifth edition of the Baiona Vertiathlon

Baiona hosts this Saturday the celebration of the fifth edition of its solidarity triathlon with sprint format in which 238 athletes from all over Galicia will participate

· All the money raised will go to the Monte Real Adapted Sailing School, which offers people with functional diversity the possibility of sailing under equal conditions.

· The test is organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates and the Baiona city council with the collaboration of the Galician Triathlon Federation and the sponsorship of Verti Seguros

211 athletes will participate this Saturday in Baiona in a new edition of the Solidarity Vertiathlon, a triathlon with a sprint format that for five years has been raising funds for the Adapted Sailing School for people with disabilities of the Monte Real Yacht Club.

It is precisely the Baiona club that, hand in hand with the Baiona city council, the collaboration of the Galician Triathlon Federation and the sponsorship of Verti Seguros, promotes this solidarity test with the aim of being able to continue financing all the courses and activities that it organizes free of charge so that people with functional diversity can navigate and enjoy the sea under equal conditions.

In this fifth edition, the Solidarity Vertiathlon will maintain the same test design as on previous occasions. It will have the scheme of a sprint triathlon, with a 750-meter swimming test, a 20-kilometer bicycle test and a final test in which the athletes must complete a 5-kilometer run.

The three tests will take place in scenarios related to the sea or with views of the sea, this peculiarity being one of the characteristics that makes this triathlon so special.

The competition will begin at four in the afternoon on A Barbeira beach, inside the Parador Nacional de Baiona, from where the swimming test will start. Athletes must go around the facilities of the Monte Real Club de Yates to A Ribeira beach, where they will find the first section of the link to the second of the tests, the cyclist.

At the basketball court in the area of La Palma they will take their bicycles, prepared in advance, and will undertake a journey of almost 20 kilometers consisting of three laps between the two roundabouts that give access to Baiona, Baredo and Santa Marta.

The last of the Vertiathlon tests will be the foot race. 5 kilometers surrounding the walled enclosure of the Monterreal peninsula, also known as the Monte Boi peninsula, in a double loop, where the Parador Nacional is located.

Once the tour is over, the gardens of the Monte Real Yacht Club will be the meeting point for the athletes at the award ceremony for the winners. Trophies will be given to the first classified of the different classes that participate: absolute male and female, veterans, youth, cadets and two special prizes to the best triathletes registered in Baiona.

In the last edition of the Vertiathlon, the winners were Denis Incutti, from the Ribeira Swimming Club; and María Lois, from the Arcade Infohouse Santiago. In veterans, Pedro Pablo Bernardez and Sandra Santodomingo took the victory; and Xoel Rodríguez and Antía Pazos won in cadet.

The official presentation of the fifth edition of the Solidarity Vertiathlon of Baiona was held this morning at the Monte Real Club de Yates with the interventions of the mayor of Baiona, Carlos Gómez; the General Secretary for Sport of the Xunta de Galicia, José Ramón Lete; the General Director of Seniors and People with Disabilities, Ildefonso de la Campa; Provincial Deputy Santos Héctor Rodríguez; the FEGATRI delegate in Pontevedra, Enrique Hernández; and the marketing manager of Coca Cola European Partners, María Troncoso.

“The club started years ago with the adapted sailing school and we have been promoting this Vertiathlon initiative for five years. We understand that there is nothing more beautiful than an athlete helping another athlete, and even more so if it is from a different sport. The environment is wonderful and the town welcomes it with great affection, something that fills us with pride”

Alejandro Retolaza, Vice President of the Monte Real Yacht Club

“The people of Baiona are aware of social inclusion and the adapted sailing courses offered by the Monte Real Club de Yates are essential. We are committed to being an inclusive town and we are not going to stop putting all our efforts to guarantee that people with functional diversity feel more and more comfortable in the town of Baiona”

Carlos Gómez, Mayor of Bayonne

“There are two aspects of sport, two segments that are very important: one, the solidarity aspect, and the other, the inclusive aspect. Our motto in the xeral secretariat is “sport for life” and inclusive sport must also be worked on based on this motto, and that is why it is so important to hold this type of event”

José Ramón Lete Lasa, General Secretary for Sport

“Monte Real is an example of effective inclusive action, for several reasons. First, because they are promoting one of the main pillars on which we base inclusion policies: having people with functional diversity. And then for giving them visibility and normalizing their situation”

Ildefonso de la Campa, General Director of Seniors and People with Disabilities

“Monte Real has a rhythm of a lot of work and a lot of activity during the summer and the organizational effort of the club is truly exemplary, especially when this type of solidarity initiatives are also included in its program of events. From here I can only encourage all the athletes to join the event and all the people to come to Baiona to enjoy it”

Santos Héctor Rodríguez, provincial deputy

“The Solidarity Vertiathlon is in the form of a sprint triathlon, with a 750-meter swim, almost 20 kilometers by bike and a 5-kilometer run. It is a very nice test not only because of its characteristics but also because of the setting in which it takes place, always by the sea”

Enríque Hernández, FEGATRI delegate in Pontevedra

“The philosophy of the Monte Real Club de Yates fits very well with ours in the sense that we try to generate a current of work towards sustainability. And this Vertiathlon not only fits in this sense, but it is also a great initiative at a social level, involving a large number of athletes and different people, institutions and firms working together for the same purpose “

María Troncoso, Marketing Manager of Coca Cola European Partners