Martínez, Trigo and Salgueiro win the Baitra Social League

· Despite not being able to compete in several tests at the end of the league, Rosalía Martínez and Sandra Trigo from Baiona managed to win the 420 class

· The young Nacho Salgueiro put the finishing touch to a brilliant regatta season by achieving victory for the Liga Social Baitra in the Optimist class

· In Optimist School the winner was little Sergio Golpe, 12 years old, who managed to climb to the top of the podium in his first official competition

Baiona, July 2, 2017.- The baiones Rosalía Martínez and Sandra Trigo won this afternoon the Baitra Social League, a competition organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates with the sponsorship of Baitra Accesorios Navales, which experienced its last day of tests this Sunday.

Martínez and Trigo, 15 and 16 years old, sentenced the league by signing two first places in the last two tests played in the bay. A score that, added to that obtained in other tests held throughout the year, made them the undisputed winners.

After two years competing together in the 420, and with a growing understanding, the very young sailors begin to climb positions on the podiums. After achieving, last May, the bronze in the sub-17 category of the Baitra Children’s Sailing Trophy, they now take the gold of the Social League. Silver and bronze went, respectively, to the crews made up of brothers Yago and Jorge González; and Elena Molares and Emma Arana.

In the Optimist class, the very young Nacho Salgueiro, barely 12 years old, put the finishing touch to a regatta season full of first places, achieving victory in the Social League. He did it without disappointing, crossing the finish line first in the last two races of the competition, held this morning in Baiona.

He received his award from Juan Carlos González, manager of Baitra and sponsor of the Social League, who participated in the awards ceremony together with the councilor of Baiona, Carmen Paredes; and the president and vice-commodore of Monte Real, José Luis Álvarez and Genoveva Pereiro. In second and third position in the Optimist class were Laura Cao and Yago Marquina.

A group of Optimist School students who were competing for the first time in an official test also went out into the water this weekend in the bay. The regatta committee prepared a special field for them in which they disputed five tests. After signing three first places and two third places, Sergio Golpe was the winner, leaving second and third place for Pablo Rodríguez and David Represa. The fleet of the smaller ones was completed by two Omega boats from the Monte Real Yacht Club, in which a group of students from the Sailing School went sailing.

With the final of the Baitra Social League, the Monte Real Sailing School closes its 2016-2017 season, and gives way to the club’s summer program, which includes various activities for both school students and club members, as for any other person who wants to enjoy the sea in the summer months. In addition to the usual light sailing and cruising sailing courses, there are leisure proposals such as getaways to the Cíes Islands from Baiona, with which to spend a whole day sailing; and sunsets on a sailboat, with which to enjoy the sunset aboard one of the club’s boats.



  1. Sandra Trigo and Rosalia Martinez
  2. Yago Gonzalez and Jorge Gonzalez
  3. Elena Molares and Emma Arana


  1. Nacho Salgueiro
  2. Laura Cao
  3. Iago Marquina


  1. Sergio Blow
  2. Paul Rodriguez
  3. David Dam