This information is frequently updated with the most important data from the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race. LAST UPDATE: THURSDAY, JULY 21 – 9:00 (Spanish time)

  • THE XEKMATT WINS THE SECOND STAGE : The Xekmatt, from the Lisbon Naval Association, won the second stage of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race and is the virtual winner of the competition. He crossed the finish line on Wednesday, July 20, at six minutes past eight in the afternoon, after 148 hours of sailing.
  • THE ATLANTIS, SECOND : The Atlantis of the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas was the second boat to arrive in Baiona in the second stage of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race. They crossed the finish line at 3:35 in the morning.
  • THE PAKEA WITHDRAWS: As it did in the first stage, the Pakea has also decided to withdraw from the second. On the way back to Baiona, the ship sailed for the Club Martítimo de Canido, skippered by Antonio Tea.


  • FINAL AWARDS CEREMONY: The final awards ceremony for the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race will be held on Saturday, July 23 at the Monte Real Club de Yates, coinciding with the celebration of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy. It will start at 9:00 p.m. and will include a dinner and a musical performance.
  • CHANGES IN THE CREWS FOR THE SECOND STAGE: For the second stage there were some changes in the crews. Pablo Toja replaced Yann Lascan on the Free Spirit, from the Real Club Marítimo de Abra; Antonio Tea to Unai Basurko aboard the Pakea Cadenote, which sails on this return to Baiona for the Club Marítimo de Canido. The Atlántis of the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas continues to be led by Iván Prieto and the Cleopatra of the Recreational Nautical Association by José Rafael Ribeiro.
  • THE SAINT MAXIME DEL MONTE REAL YACHT CLUB, WINNER OF THE FIRST STAGE, WITHDRAWS IN THE SECOND: The Saint Maxime del Monte Real Club de Yates was the first boat to cross the finish line of the first stage of the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race, located in Angra do Heroismo. Wearing a pendant from the Monte Real Club de Yates, Miguel Lago, Juan José Lago, Gerardo Alonso, Javier Lago, Daniel Méndez and Guillermo Caamaño reached the end of the regatta on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 02:43 Spanish time. In the second stage, the crew decided to withdraw from the competition.

First arrival picture:

First toast of the crew:

  • THE PAKEA LEFT THE FIRST STAGE BUT RETURNED TO THE SECOND: Unai Basurko’s Pakea Cadenote, which after starting the competition had to return to land (Porto) to fix some technical problems and set sail again for Angra, finally abandoned (after falling far behind the rest of the fleet and with very little wind) the first stage of the regatta to be able to reach Azores at the same time as the rest of the crews. Yes, he is contesting the second stage, although with Antonio Tea as skipper.

Pakea message:

  • MOFLETE AND TXOLE WITHDRAWN : The crews of Moflete, owned by Antonio Díaz, and Txole, owned by Ignacio Sánchez Otaegui, abandoned the regatta in the first stage after suffering various technical problems. Within hours of starting the race, both boats were forced to head back to land.

Video of the Txole:

  • THE DULCAMARA’S ENGINE FAILURE : Heril Olson’s Dulcamara, who had signed up to participate in the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race, did not start due to engine problems. Several failures in its operation prevented it from meeting the security requirements, so it could not compete.
  • 24-HOUR CONTROL CENTER: A permanent control center has been installed at the Monte Real Club de Yates from which the fleet is monitored 24 hours a day. In addition, every 8 hours each of the boats is contacted to find out how they are doing, how they are sailing and to check that everything is going according to plan.
  • ONLINE FOLLOW-UP: Anyone who wants to follow the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race can do so on their computer, mobile phone or tablet thanks to a tracking system that, in addition to the position of the boats, offers information on their navigation conditions.

First stage monitoring:

Follow-up second stage:

  • REGATTA CHAT: The Baiona Angra Atlantic Race has its own chat in which anyone who wishes can comment on the competition or leave messages of encouragement for the crews. The chat is also being used by the organization to provide timely information on relevant aspects of the regatta.


  • FACEBOOK AND TWITTER : On the social networks of the Monte Real Yacht Club you can find up-to-date and constant information about the Baiona Angra Atlantic Race