From Vigo to Baiona at full sail with the Comunica Trophy

The Monte Real Club de Yates opens this weekend the 2017 great regattas season with the celebration of the Comunica Trophy, a new edition of its traditional Winter Regatta that this year includes novelties with respect to the previous edition.

The competition, which had been taking place over two days, will be reduced in 2017 to a single day, which will add excitement to the test since the crews will play it all in a single test. It will be next Saturday, April 22, when the participating sailboats must complete a coastal tour of the Vigo estuary and Bay of Baiona, starting near the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and ending near the Monte Real Club de yachts.

In the regatta, for which the free registration period is still open, ORC boats will compete, divided into classes according to their competitive capacity; and monotypes J80 and Figaros. Weather permitting, they will hear the starting signal at two o’clock in the afternoon, and several hours later the winners will be known.

The winners of each class will receive as a trophy a reproduction of a lighthouse specially designed for the occasion, at an award ceremony that will be held around seven in the afternoon at the Monte Real Club de Yates.

It will be attended, among others, by several representatives of the organizing club and Comunica, the sponsoring company, which enters for the first time, hand in hand with Monte Real, in the sponsorship of sailing events. It is a visual communication firm that offers its services throughout Galicia from the municipality of A Guarda, where its headquarters are located.

In addition to the sponsorship of Comunica, the competition has, for yet another year, the collaboration of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, which provides its facilities for the prior mooring of boats, and the Galician Sailing Federation.

In the previous edition of the Monte Real Winter Regatta, Fifty, owned by the Portuguese Rui Ramada, was the winner. It was imposed in the classification by the minimum, since it finished the tests tied on points with the Bosch Service Solutions of Ramón Ojea (CM Canido) and the Aceites Abril of Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal (RCN Vigo), and it was the tiebreaker system included in the regulations that gave him the victory.




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