Five years of adapted sailing

· The Adapted Sailing School created in 2012 by the Monte Real Yacht Club has been organizing courses and activities for five years so that people with disabilities can enjoy the sea under equal conditions

· The General Secretary for Sport of the Xunta de Galicia, Marta Míguez, today presided over the closing ceremony of the 2016 – 2017 Adapted Sailing Course in the Baión club, in which more than 60 people participated throughout the year

· The Councilor for Accessibility of Baiona, Policarpo Vilar, was in charge of inaugurating the new accessible promenade built on Monte Real to facilitate the transit of people with reduced mobility through the nautical facilities

The Monte Real Club de Yates held today in Baiona the closing ceremony of the 2016-2017 Adapted Sailing Course, one of the activities with which the Baiona club tries to bring people with disabilities closer to the sea, so that they can enjoy it equally of conditions.

It is one of the actions launched by its Adapted Sailing School, which in 2017 celebrates five years promoting initiatives in which nearly a hundred people from different associations and groups from all over Galicia participate each year.

Theoretical classes, sea baptisms, environmental routes, sailing sessions and other activities related to the nautical world are some of the proposals in which more than 60 students from the Redondela Center for People with Disabilities (CAPD) participated this year. the Juan María de Nigrán Center, the Vigo Association of Parents of People with Intellectual Disabilities (ASPAVI), the Galician Association against Neuromuscular Diseases (ASEM GALICIA) and the Association of Families with People with Cerebral Palsy (APAMP).

All of them attended a ceremony today in which they received, in addition to some diplomas for having successfully completed the activity, congratulations from the president of Monte Real, José Luis Álvarez, who congratulated them for their enthusiasm and “Because day after day –he told them- With all your desire and your enthusiasm, you show us how much this work is worth and you encourage us to continue advancing with our school” .

The president of the Baiona club took advantage of his speech to also thank the support given to the Adapted Sailing School by the Xunta de Galicia, through the Department of Territorial Policy and Galician Sports; the Baiona City Council and Repsol Foundation. On stage, the vice president of Monte Real, Alejandro Retolaza, took over to announce the celebration, on September 16, of the third edition of the Vertiathlon, a solidarity triathlon with which the club raises funds for its Adapted Sailing School .

The General Secretary for Sport of the Xunta de Galicia was in charge of closing the event with a speech in which she highlighted the motivation and effort of the students of a school “unique in Spain for its work of social inclusion through sport ”, he assured. Marta Míguez congratulated Monte Real for its adapted sailing project, which her department has supported for years.

Also present at the event were the Manager of Fundación Repsol’s Social Area, Luisa Roldán; the Territorial Secretary of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo, Yolanda Lesmes; and the Territorial Head of the Ministry of Social Policy, Marta Iglesias, who went to the pontoons of Monte Real to bid farewell to the program ship Amaromar. It is an initiative promoted by the Xunta de Galicia in collaboration with Monte Real to bring groups of people closer to the sea for whom the practice of nautical activities can lead to an improvement in their quality of life.

One more step towards full accessibility

This Wednesday, the Monte Real Yacht Club took a new step towards the goal of achieving full accessibility to its facilities with the inauguration of an adapted promenade that will facilitate the transit of people with reduced mobility.

It is a 60-meter path that connects the club building with the pontoon area through which people who use wheelchairs or other technical assistance elements can circulate safely and comfortably on their journeys.

With a width of almost a meter and a half, reinforced concrete, non-slip coating and perfectly defined, this path is the latest of the actions launched by Monte Real within the framework of its plan to eliminate architectural barriers. The purchase of adapted boats, the elimination of curbs, the construction of ramps or the remodeling of bathrooms were some of the actions carried out previously.

The person in charge of inaugurating the walk was the Councilor for Accessibility of Baiona, Policarpo Vilar, who was accompanied by the Mayor of Baiona, Ángel Rodal, and the Councilor for Social Welfare, María del Carmen Paredes.