• The Vanguard Trophy for teams was won by the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona, with the second being the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña
  • A day with stable winds from the northwest of 15 knots led to the highlight of the regatta against the clock, which after more than 20 years returned to Baiona waters
  • Ramón Ojea from Vigo achieved victory in the Lexus Breogan, ahead of Juan Luis Tuero from Oviedo with the “New Moon” and Luis de Mira from Pontevedra with “Namaste” who won the bronze

“Bosch Service Solutions” from the Club Marítimo de Canido, skippered by Ramón Ojea, was proclaimed the absolute winner of the Lexus Breogán Cup, which, through the system against the clock, was organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona within Abanca Week. The Marítimo de Canido boat carried out an impeccable regatta, taking victory in this modality that had not been held in the waters of the Bayonne estuary for more than twenty years. In the trophy for clubs, which had at stake the valuable Vanguard Trophy consisting of a set of six regatta beacons for the winning club, first place went to Monte Real with the boats “La Luna Nueva” owned by Asturian Juan Luis Tuero and “Namaste” by Luis de Mira, being the silver for the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, with “La Galera” by Joaquin Cobelo and “Meltemi” by Guillermo Blanco.

A day in the Baiona estuary with simply spectacular conditions: stable winds of 12 to 15 knots from the northwest with hardly any waves on the sea and a route that, given the speed reached by the boats, seemed to us to be “short”. The fleet left the center of the Baiona estuary, to go later to turn two beacons (the last one in the lower Carallones) to leave the estuary and do it in the La Negra estuary and return to Baiona. First the slowest boats came out in a cascade, to make it the “Figaro”, then the fastest with the J80 among them and as dessert the ORC, closing the list the one with the longest and fastest length and which would be the winner in the end. : the “Bosch Service Solutions”. Also noteworthy was the excellent regatta by Juan Luis Tuero from Oviedo, who won silver, ahead of “Namaste” by only 12 seconds. Precisely these two boats gave Monte Real the sirloin of the prizes, the Vanguard Trophy, for its Sailing School with a really important value.

Among the Figaros, the excellent regatta of Carlos Hernández’s “Silleiro” that obtained the prize in its class. Another of the boats with a good level, “La Galera” by Joaquin Cobelo of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, which was at the top of the classification, as well as the “Albarellos” by Fernando Rey of the Portonovo Nautical Club, which lost much to end your chances of entering the top ten. With the celebration of this Lexus Breogán Cup, sailing concludes in the Abanca Week, which only has the Ence Iberian Cup of Olympic Rowing pending, which, with the participation of 200 boats from Spain and Portugal, will take place in the waters of the estuary of Pontevedra, based in Marín, on November 25.

Final Classification

1st BOSCH SERVICE SOLUTIONS (Ramón Ojea)(CM Canido), 01.24.21
2nd NEW MOON (Juan Luis Tuero)(MRCY Baiona), at 04.23
3rd NAMASTE (Luis de Mira)(MRCY Baiona), at 04.35
4th CANSINO (Fernando Yáñez)(MRCY Baiona), at 04.47
5th SILLEIRO (Carlos Hernández)(MRCY Baiona), at 05.20
6th LA GALERA (Joaquím Cobelo)(RCN La Coruña), at 05.48
7th SND CORMORAN (Ivan Pérez Gandaras)(MRCY Baiona), at 05.53
8º ERIZANA (Samuel Monttouto)(MRCY Baiona), at 06.02
9th TUTATIS (Rosalía Martínez)(MRCY Baiona), at 06.18
10th BOUVENTO (Ricardo Azevedo)(MRCY Baiona), at 07.16
11th ALBARELLOS (Fernando Rey)(CN Portonovo), at 07.52
12th MELTEMI (Guillermo Blanco)(RCN La Coruña), at 08.17


Information: Communications Department Semana ABANCA · semanaabanca@gmail.com

Information photos: Pedro Seoane