Baiona raises the curtain on the Cenor Regatta with sailing, games and theater


· More than 100 boys and girls from Galicia will participate starting tomorrow in the last Optimist qualifier prior to the national championship of the class

· In addition to the sports events, a dramatized track race has been organized so that the little ones have fun discovering Baiona

· The Baiona City Council, the Navigation Museum, the Baiona Theater Classroom, the Cenor Group and the Monte Real Yacht Club collaborate in the initiative.


Baiona raises the curtain on the Cenor Regatta tomorrow, Saturday, with a sailing and games program for the more than 100 young sailors who, coming from different parts of Galicia, will participate in the last Optimist qualifying round prior to the national class championship, a competition sponsored by the home appliances and technology group Cenor.

In addition to the usual sports events, which will start at half past one in the afternoon, the novelty of this competition will be a special entertainment program that the Baiona council has prepared, hand in hand with the Casa de la Navegación Museum and the Baiona Theater Classroom, so that children can have fun discovering Baiona.

It is a dramatized track race that will take the little ones through the main tourist attractions of the fishing village. A tour that, with the aim of solving a riddle, will allow you to discover the ins and outs of discovery, to figures as prominent as Diego Carmona, Vasco Gallego, Isabel la Católica or Pinzón; and places like the Church of Santa María, the Monolito de la Arribada, the nuns’ fountain or the Pinta caravel, among others.

To avoid crowds and be able to maintain COVID safety distances, the game will start at six in the afternoon, taking advantage of the forced closure of the hotel industry. It will start from the music box in Parque de la Palma, where an actress, symbolizing Baiona, will give the little ones the first clues to start playing.

Divided into teams, the children will have to solve different riddles that will take them through some of the most outstanding points of the fishing village, where there will be actors representing some of the most important characters in the history of Baiona. They will be the ones who, explaining different historical episodes, will give the participants the following clues to continue with the tour. The winning team will win an optimist candle courtesy of the company Filtros Navales Jesús Betanzos.

“It is the perfect combination of sport, tourism and fun” says the sports director of the Baiona city council, Javier F. López, who thanks the members of the Casa de la Navegación Museum and the Baiona Theater Classroom for having made possible. “For just over an hour, children will be able to discover the history and wonders of Baiona while having fun following clues and solving riddles” – he continues – “And this will only be the appetizer of what we will prepare at Easter for the Spanish Optimist Championship”.

Theatrical performance on board the caravel – Photo courtesy of the Baiona City Council

The dramatized track race will start once the sports program in the water has finished, which includes holding up to three tests if the weather permits. In them, more than 100 young sailors from the yacht clubs of Vigo, Coruña, Canido, Ribeira, Rodeira, Aguete, Oza, Sanxenxo, Panxón, Ferrol and Baiona will fight for the best results in order to move up in the Galician ranking. The first 20 athletes from that regional list will be automatically selected to represent Galicia in the Spanish Optimist Championship.



9:00 Opening of the race office
11:00 Meeting of coaches and team managers
13:30 Start of the first test of the day
18:00 Theatrical track race in Baiona


10:00 Start of the first test of the day
18:00 Awards ceremony