“Anyone who wants to can learn to navigate in the MRCYB”


Sailing Technician by the Galician Sailing Federation, Diploma in Sports Technical Direction, officer and regatta judge, Víctor Calviño is also the trainer responsible for the Sailing Cruise Courses that are taught throughout the year on Mount Royal Yacht Club.

These are courses for people who want to learn to navigate, improve their technique, or simply enjoy a few hours at sea. The outings, lasting several hours, are made in the Fígaros of the club and in them all kinds of issues related to nautical are learned.

Víctor, tell us, what is the profile of people who attend the Monte Real Cruise Sailing Courses?

There are people of all kinds. Students, doctors, civil servants, businessmen come…and of all ages. I have had students from 16 to 60 years old. The profiles are very varied, and they also come with very different objectives.

There are those who seek to learn a little about this world, because they have never had the opportunity to sail, and others what they want is to perfect their technique or even submit to a discipline of teamwork.

Many have already sailed on some occasion, but never discovered or understood the physics of sailing, and that’s where the coaches come in, adapting to the levels of our students and offering them the knowledge they seek or need.

A large majority of people who practice sailing started doing it when they were little, when they were children. Are there greater difficulties for those who want to learn to sail when they are already a certain age?

Actually, at present, in cruising sailing courses we have a very low percentage of people who have started sailing as children. Precisely people usually come who did not have that opportunity as a child and who now want to try that experience.

And the truth is that they do not have great difficulties when it comes to learning. For two reasons, because our teaching system is adapted to all ages and levels, and because they come highly motivated. They want to learn and have fun sailing, and that is very positive when developing the activity.

What do you teach them in your courses? Explain to us how a day of navigation develops in one of the Monte Real Cruise Sailing Courses.

The courses really depend on the students, and the level with which they arrive at the club, because it is not the same to teach someone who has never sailed than someone who already has some notions, or someone who is really looking to improve their technique. . That is why we always work with objectives related to the student’s level.

The first thing we try to teach them is how the behavior of physics influences the sport of sailing, so that they can fully understand how to sail and how the wind affects the different courses. Once they have learned the basics, they are taught how to set up the boat for the different winds and some sailing techniques. And from there… to sail! Because the sailor is made by sailing. They learn quite quickly, almost without realizing it, and we adapt to their evolution.

They are courses that you take throughout the year, but they change a bit depending on the season, right?

Yes, they are courses that are taught throughout the year and there is not much variation, except in meteorology. In summer the weather helps more, but in winter students have other advantages, such as flexibility in terms of schedules. For work reasons, not everyone can sail at the same times, and at Monte Real we offer courses several days a week, and at different times, so that students can take them when it suits them best.

The freedom is almost absolute. If there is a group that wants to take a course at a specific time, then we adapt to their needs, their aspirations and the number of participants. It is very difficult for someone who wants to sail not to be able to do it on Monte Real whenever and however they want. The possibilities to practice sailing in the club are very wide.

In addition to people who want to learn, you also train sailors who want to improve their technique, or want to practice on one of the club’s boats… What is offered to this user profile?

Indeed, I train sailors of different levels. The level of these athletes is very varied and with different objectives. Some seek to improve their technique, others their regatta tactics and there are even those who seek to know and interpret the Sailing Regattas Regulations. For this type of student, depending on their needs, a regatta field is prepared with their beacons and official procedures, and they even have a judge with knowledge of Match Race to make a “direct judgment” on the water or resolve any protest or doubt. about the regulation.

As the needs are very varied, so is the education system. There are sailors who need to sail more with their crews to achieve greater coordination between them and others who seek to improve their regatta tactics individually. For this we have several methodologies applied to regattas of different levels, both fleet and Match Race or “boat against boat”.

It is an interview with Rosana Calvo

If you want to ask Víctor any questions, you can write to us at prensa@mrcyb.com and we will send it to him