Aceites Abril achieves its sixth Conde de Gondomar Trophy in Baiona


· With the victory in this forty-seventh edition of the regatta, the boat skippered by the brothers Luis and Jorge Pérez-Canal equals the record of victories of the José Luis Freire Pairo saga

· The teams from Monte Real Yacht Club Yess and Unus were the winners of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy in the Open A and B divisions

· The Deep Blue 2.1 and the Marcolfo, both competing under the banner of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, were the winners of the Erizana Trophy in ORC 0-1 and 3-5

· In J80 and Fígaros the victory went to Alboroto and Bouvento

· The 47th Conde de Gondomar Trophy was organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club with the sponsorship of Zelnova Zeltia and Banco Sabadell

Historical victory for Aceites Abril de Luis and Jorge Pérez-Canal in the forty-seventh edition of the Conde de Gondomar Trophy – Zelnova Zeltia / Banco Sabadell Grand Prix. With the dispute over the last two batons of the competition, the boat led by the brothers from Ourense achieved its sixth title, equaling the record of victories held so far alone by José Luis Freire’s Pairo saga.

The fourth and last day of the event organized by the Monte Real Yacht Club once again summoned the more than forty boats to complete two windward-leeward format tests on the regatta course located in front of the Cíes Islands. With all the options open in practically all the participating categories, the fleet faced the end of the Conde with force and the Regatta Committee was able to comply with the planned program starting the competition after twelve noon.

Among the ORC teams who were playing for the Conde de Gondomar Trophy -for which both the last two batons and the Carrumeiro Chico challenge on Friday and the return to Ons on Sunday scored points-, the last two victories at stake were awarded to the Ifaclinic del Yate Clube do Porto, who with Joao Nuno Veloso had no rival on this last day in the waters of the Vigo estuary. The definitive victory and the long-awaited title of the Count of Gondomar was, however, for the Aceites Abril of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, who only had two second places to claim a comfortable victory with five and a half points over the second classified.

Already on the pontoons, Luis, the youngest of the Pérez-Canal brothers, highlighted the role of the crew as one of the keys to the milestone achieved with this sixth title in Baiona. “He is already the sixth Count of Gondomar and it is a luxury to have won it with this magnificent crew. We have been together for a lifetime and without a doubt the victory is thanks to them because they are the ones who have given us the victory. It is the best crew you can have and I congratulate them because they are fantastic“, he claimed.

Luis and Jorge Pérez-Canal, Eduardo Reguera, Pablo Iglesias, Carlos Sanmartín, Luis Sampedro, Pablo Espinosa, César Torné, Rafael Martínez-Almeida, Iago Carrera, Sebastián Martínez-Risco, Luis da Rocha and Juan de Cominges are the thirteen crew members who , aboard the Aceites Abril, have managed to match the number of titles in the saga of the Pairo owned by shipowner José Luis Freire.

From behind, second place went to Magical, also with a banner from Real Club Náutico de Vigo. A third and a fourth were the results of Julio Rodríguez’s team on this last day, finishing with a distance of two points over Alberto Moro’s Solventis (Monte Real Club de Yates), who closed the podium in third place.

In the Open A division, the conditions of the regatta field, which presented itself with a northwesterly wind of between eight and ten knots of intensity, favored the winner of the Carrumeiro stage, Yess de Rui Ramada (Monte Real Club de Yates), who scored his two last partial victories of the regatta to become the winner with a whopping ten points over his immediate rival, the Portuguese Racer de Januário Cruz, who took second place ahead of the also Portuguese team Five, skippered by Joao Tourigo.

In Open B , meanwhile, the local team commanded by Luis García, Unus, also closed a perfect Conde de Gondomar with plenty of victories in his locker. Behind Garcia’s, José Antonio Portas’s Narval finished seven and a half points representing the Club Náutico de Villagarcía and third was Jorge Carnero’s Ronáutica Marinas (Club Náutico San Telmo).

With respect to Hedgehog Trophy, in which the ORC, J80 and Fígaro fleets that disputed the coastal one on Saturday scored points, the clearest victory was that of Vigo’s Deep Blue 2.1 of Vicente Cid (Real Club Náutico de Vigo) in ORC 0-2, which the Count of Gondomar closed with four first positions in the four races completed. Those of Cid were followed by La Burla Negra by Juan José Martínez of the Club Náutico Castrelo de Miño in second place and Nahela by Víctor Álvarez, who were third representing the Club Náutico Alagua.

In ORC 3-4 , a great result also for Marcolfo of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. The team led by Antonio Gómez managed to win the victory ahead of José Luis Ríos’ Bonaventure, also from the club from Vigo, and Alejandro Castro’s Esquío, from the Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas, second and third respectively.

In J80 , a ninth for Alboroto in the first baton tightened the classification to the maximum and it was not until the last test when Juan Carlos Ameneiro’s men were able to certify the definitive victory of the regatta after leading from the first day of competition. They were followed on the podium by Santiago Estévez’s Spaco in second place -winners of the first round of the day- and Chisco Catalán’s Hull Maxx in third place overall.

In Fígaro , for its part, the last day saw Diego Pérez and David Fontán’s Bouvento recover the lead and become category winners ahead of Gemma González’s Erizana and Elena Raga’s Tutatis, who finished in second and third position. The Erizana also won the prize for the best female crew in the Figaro class.

With the day now over, the gardens of Monte Real hosted at 6:30 p.m. the awards ceremony for the winners of the edition, thus putting the finishing touch to one of the most emblematic regattas of the Baiona club and which once again featured the sponsorship of Zelnova Zeltia and Banco Sabadell.

The event was attended by the president of the club, José Luis Álvarez; the delegate of the Xunta in Vigo, Marta Fernández-Tapias; the mayor of Baiona, Carlos Gómez; the deputy for cooperation, Santos Héctor; Adrián Salgado, Marketing Director of Zelnova Zeltia; Rafael Mato, regional director of Banco Sabadell; and Joaquín Martínez, commercial director of Volvo Autesa.

Now, Monte Real is preparing for the 37th Prince of Asturias Trophy, which will be held between September 2 and 4 and will include, as every year, the award ceremony for the prestigious Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards on the night of Saturday day three.





It included 1 test: Ascent to Carrumeiro Chico

Yess Rui Ramada MRCYB

1. April oils Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal RCN Vigo
2. Solventis · Alberto Moro · MRCYB
3. Magical · Julio Rodríguez · RCN Vigo

1. Yess Rui Ramada MRCYB
2. Txole · Ignacio Sánchez Otaegui · MRCYB
3. Racer Januario Cruz SCA

1. Unus · Luis García Trigo · MRCYB
2. Narwhal · José Antonio Portas · Vilagarcía CN
3. Ronautica Marinas Jorge Carnero NPP San Telmo


It included 4 tests: Coastal regatta + Return to Ons + 2 poles

1. Deep Blue 2.1 · Vicente Cid · RCN Vigo
2. The Black Burla · Juan José Martínez · CN Castrelo de Miño
3. Nahela · Victor Álvarez · CD Alagua

1. Marcolfo · Antonio Gómez · RCN Vigo
2. Esquio · Alejandro Castro · LM Bouzas
3. Bonaventure · José Luis Ríos · RCN Vigo

1. Fuss · Juan Carlos Ameneiro · MRCYB
2. Spaco Santiago Estévez MRCYB
3. Hull Max Chisco Catalán MRCYB

1. Bouvento · Diego Pérez · MRCYB
2. Erizana · Gemma González · MRCYB
3. Tutatis · Elena Raga · MRCYB

Erizana · Gemma González · MRCYB


It included 4 tests: Ascent to Carrumeiro Chico + Return to Ons + 2 poles

1. April oils Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal RCN Vigo
2. Magical · Julio Rodríguez · RCN Vigo
3. Solventis · Alberto Moro · MRCYB

1. Yess Rui Ramada MRCYB
2. Racer Januário Cruz SCA
3. Five Joao Tourigo CWDS

1. Unus · Luis García Trigo · MRCYB
2. Narwhal · José Antonio Portas · Villagarcía CN
3. Marine Radionautics Jorge Carnero CN San Telmo