40th Anniversary of Mr. Rafael Olmedo Limeses as President of the Monte Real Yacht Club

Last Tuesday, the 17th, within the Yacht Club, an event of special singularity was held. An emotional tribute was paid to Rafael Olmedo Limeses, on his 40th anniversary as President of the company. Rafael Olmedo becomes the longest-serving President, at the head of a nautical society in our country. Rafael Olmedo, at 96 years old, continues to direct the club’s activity with effective success. He is unanimously recognized as one of the reformers and innovators of the nautical-sports structures in Spain. Under his mandate, the Baiona Club reached the highest sports levels, both nationally and internationally, becoming the first Spanish club to present a challenge in the Copa América.

During the act, which was offered by Alfonso Paz Andrade, a congratulatory telegram from the Prince of Asturias, Don Felipe de Borbón, was read. Likewise, a plaque was discovered on the central signal mast that from now on will bear the name of Rafael Olmedo.