Adapted Sailing School Juan María Center

Today the weather has given a truce and the boys and girls of the Juan María Center have finally been able to go out to sea in the figaros of the MRCYB Sailing School.

They have been divided into 3 boats and have gone out to the Bay of Baiona to enjoy the sea and the sunny day.

It has been a few hours of good atmosphere, maneuvers and sailing.

I Trophy BAITRA- League J80 MRCYB

With a southerly wind, quite shifty and with intensities between six and fifteen knots, the second day of the J80 Baitra trophy was held last Saturday, organized by the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayonne with the collaboration of the Baitra company.

At half past three in the afternoon, the first of the three tests of the day began, in which, after different position changes, the victory went to Miguel Lago’s Virazón, followed by Luis de Mira’s Namasté and Third being Luna Nueva by Juan Luis Tuero.

This was followed by the start of the second test, which was very competitive, with arrivals with a difference of one second, in which the victory went to Namasté, Virazón being second and Luna Nueva de Tuero third.

In the test that closed the day of competition, held with similar conditions to the previous two although with a pick up of wind, the victory was again for the Virazón, followed by the Namasté de De Mira and closing the podium the Luna Nueva de Tuero.

Thus, and pending discards, the general classification is headed by Virazón de Lago, second being Luna Nueva by Juan Luis Tuero and closing the podium, Namasté by Luis de Mira.

The next day of competition, in which new units will be incorporated, will be held on March 8.

Baiona SPORT Gala 2013

This past Saturday, the III Baiona Sports Gala was held in the Baiona V Centenario auditorium, in which Jorge González Silva was nominated for Best Base Sportsman 2013.

This is his second candidacy, and he has not been able to win, since the award has gone to another great athlete, in this case in wrestling, Omar.

From the MRCYB and his sailing school we want to congratulate Jorge on his second nomination and encourage him to continue working in this line that little by little gives good results.

Many congratulations George.

weekend of regattas

This past weekend has been very busy in terms of activities at the MRCYB.

The 420 regatta team has moved to the qualifying regatta at the Liceo de Villagarcía with Carlos Hernández. There has been a slight improvement in the team’s performance, but we have to continue working to improve the results.

Jorge Gonzalez Silva has been nominated, for the second time in a row, as the finalist for the best base athlete in Baiona in 2013 at the III Gala del Deporte de Baiona. He has not been able to win and the award has been taken by Omar for his career in the sport of Fighting.

The Optimist teams, both Green and Blue, have played one more day of the 2013/2014 Social Regatta. To highlight the performance of Rosalía Martínez in the blue and Anxo Carril in the green.

The classifications are still commanded in the blue by Pedro Salgado and in the Green by Lucía Arana.

Adapted Sailing School

Today, Thursday, a new sailing class has taken place at the MRCYB with the boys from the Encaixamos Val Miñor Association with the GOS 16 boats.

We have been lucky with the weather and have sailed with unbeatable conditions. Very good feelings and with so few classes you can see progress and desire to continue improving and learning.

New shellfish tank in the MRCYB restaurant

Dear partners:

We are pleased to inform you that the new seafood hatchery at the MRCYB restaurant is now up and running. With it, we intend to further expand and improve the range of shellfish that is already on offer, more specifically with regard to shellfish from the coast: Norway lobster, red lobster, blue lobster and spider crab. However, to facilitate the anticipation and adequate availability of these products, it is advisable to make a reservation and order in advance.

As always, you can contact the restaurant by calling 986 35 62 26 or through .

A greeting and good profit.

Second day with the Juan María Center

On Wednesday the 5th we were lucky enough to have the boys and girls from the Juan María Center in our facilities to continue their training in the world of nautical sports and sailing.

Due to the weather conditions they have not gone out on the water, they have taken advantage of their trainers to give a theoretical-practical class in which they have shown great desire and that day after day they show more nautical knowledge.

A pleasure to be able to enjoy with them everything that the sea can bring us.

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