Two Naútico de Vigo crews awarded with two National Sailing Awards

· The crew of 420 from the Real Club Náutico de Vigo formed by Martín Wizner and Pedro Ameneiro will be awarded the Youth Team of the Year award

· The J70 Marnatura of the Vigo yacht built by the Freire family and led by Luis Bugallo will receive the Monotype of the Year award on September 7 in Baiona

· The Bribón Movistar (best boat), the Estrella Damm (best ORC boat), Diego Botín and Iago López Marra (best Olympic team) and the Galicia 93 Pescanova (sports project) are other prizes


Two of the Terras Gauda National Sailing Awards will go to the Real Club Náutico de Vigo this year, which the Monte Real Club de Yates will deliver in Baiona on September 7, coinciding with the celebration of the 34th Prince of Asturias Trophy.

One of them, the one that will recognize the best Youth Team of the Year, will be taken by the crew of 420 formed by Martín Wizner from Vigo (Vigo, 2001) and Pedro Ameneiro from Pontevedra (Pontevedra, 2001), after achieving the greatest successes for the Galician youth sailing in 2018.

In the last 8 international competitions in which they participated, the Wizner-Ameneiro tandem won 7 medals: three gold at the 2018 Fremantle (Australia) World Championship, at the 2018 Sesimbra (Portugal) European Championship and at the Vilamoura World Championship (Portugal) 2019; one silver at the European Championships in Athens 2017 and three bronzes at Lago di Garda (Italy) 2017, Newport (USA) 2018 and Vilagarcía 2019. A brilliant record in which only the podium of the youth world championship held in Poland escaped them, in which they were fifth.

Martín Wizner and Pedro Ameneiro in competition – Photo Joao Costa

After three years of continuous success, the crew announced this summer their separation as a team, but they will still receive one last award before they go their separate ways. In just 12 days, on September 7, the athletes from the Vigo nautical team and the Galician team, awarded scholarships at the Galician Center for High Performance in Pontevedra, will collect in Baiona the award that distinguishes them as the best youth team of the year.

They will share the stage with a fellow club crew, that of the J70 Marnatura, who will collect the award that distinguishes them as Best One Design of the Year for their great sporting career in 2018, the year in which they chained several great successes.

They won the World Cup held in Massachusetts (USA) and the European Championship held in Vigo in the Corinthian division, for non-professional crews; remaining sixth and third respectively in the general classification.

Two titles for a young crew that emerged from the Vigo quarry, put together by the Freire family and trained by Ero Pons; made up of Enrique Freire as tactician, Gerardo Prego and Alberto Basadre as trimmers and Jorge Lorenzo in the bow.

At the helm, leading the team, Luis Bugallo from Vigo who, at 24, is one of the most outstanding names in Galician sailing today, with a background in dinghy sailing, cruisers, one-designs and who has participated in numerous competitions at a national and international level, such as the youth Copa América, in which he competed with Spanish Impulse.

The crew of the Marnatura with Luis Bugallo at the helm – Photo María Muíña

After hearing the news, the young skipper was very pleased with the recognition he wanted to dedicate to the Freire family, without whom, Bugallo assured, the Marnatura project would not be possible. On September 7th they will add a new achievement in their career, that of having won the Terras Gauda National Sailing Award for the monodesign of the year for the achievement of the continental and world titles.